Expert analysis

"Well that's true, but this time I REALLY mean it"

“Well that’s true, but this time I REALLY mean it”

June 29, 2016: “Renowned analyst [sic] “Nate Silver announces that Hillary has “an 80% chance” of beating Donald Trump this November.

August 6, 2015: Renowned analyst Nate Silver announces that Trump has “a 2% chance of winning the Republican nomination”. 

June 29, 2016: Quinnipiac Poll: Trump, Clinton race dead heat.


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6 responses to “Expert analysis

  1. Anonymous

    He did correctly pick all 50 states in 2012. Of course, now that he is now focused on baseball sabremetrics, his political game may be off somewhat. Plus, there are so many irregularities among the electorate year…so your skepticism is justified.

  2. Anonymous

    Wish for once we had reporting and experts that did their research and based their observations and findings on fair and balanced conclusions drawn from that. But our press wants sensationalism not balanced reporting.

  3. Anonymous

    PECOTA is legit. At least for us baseball guru’s.

  4. Anonymous

    don’t you fear that people will vote in Trump & then a la Brexit think sh!!!!!!!!!!!!t what have we done, we didn’t really mean it…