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Even if the worst were to happen, at least Hillary won’t have to switch parties


Absentee balloteer

Felons register as Democrats, overwhelmingly

A new study of how criminals vote found that most convicts register Democratic, a key reason in why liberal lawmakers and governors are eager for them to get back into the voting booth after their release.

“Democrats would benefit from additional ex-felon participation,” said the authoritative study in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

The authors, professors from the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University, found that in some states, felons register Democratic by more than six-to-one. In New York, for example, 61.5 percent of convicts are Democrats, just 9 percent Republican. They also cited a study that found 73 percent of convicts who turn out for presidential elections would vote Democrat.

Which explains, of course, the concerted push by Democrats to legalize voting by felons before November.


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Cos Cob sent a contingent, but they got lost on the Jersey Turnpike

Jeremy Davis

Jeremy Davis runs to daylight

“Just wait ’til they have to come up here for the snowblower championship”, vows Bible Street resident Augie Chimblo.

Arkansas Rototiller racing tournament crowns a champion.

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The Clintons must be getting desperate

Losing his touch, or a loser client?

Losing his touch, or a loser client?

They’ve brought out their old consiglieri, Lanny Davis, to pen what, if such a thing is imaginable, is the most laughable defense of her yet.

Now that she [Lynch} has categorically stated exactly that, the day after the meeting, are there any facts left to doubt her? {Nope. She said it, I believe it, that settles it – praise jesus!]

Is it even plausible that [FBI Director] Comey – whose record of political independence, professional integrity, and strength of character is beyond question — would allow his judgment to be affected by President Clinton briefly visiting with AG Loretta Lynch to talk about his grandchildren and other personal topics? [And golf, Lanny – don’t forget about the golf game she said they discussed, even though no one can find someone who actually saw the heart-weakened ex-President playing golf in Phenix’s 112-degree heat]

So what do we have here? We have a media storm ….  It’s a storm fed by partisan attacks from Republicans  [Democrats have joined in to; don’t you read The New York Times?] who are desperate to change the topic from the reckless and dangerous man they are about to nominate, rushing to the microphones with pure innuendo, calls for “recusal,” a “special counsel,” “outrage,” blah blah blah.

Yes, of course President Clinton and the attorney general, with the wisdom of hindsight, must regret their innocent meeting talking about grandchildren in the middle of this extreme-journalist/partisan-cable-TV-fueled complex that feeds on itself and the innuendo it spreads to create an “uproar,” and then the media justify the need to keep reporting the “uproar”– which is not based on a single fact.

Yes, we are in the age of innuendo, which has become a surrogate for fact, where reputations can be forever harmed by an accusation that makes it to the headlines, further fed by the near hysteria of cable news’ 24/7 “breaking news” breathless coverage … and all the time, not a single fact reported to substantiate the negative “fear” that the FBI investigation “may” be compromised.

Yes, we are in the age where it’s not the substance of what happens that makes it improper, but the “appearance” of what happened. Optics now matter more than substance? Seriously? [Well yes, Lanny, avoiding “even the appearance of impropriety” is a standard for judges and the U.S. Attorney General- based on your behavior, and the Clintons, I’m beginning to think they don’t teach that at Yale Law School]

It is my opinion, based on lots of evidence, that the FBI investigation will continue without political influence, led by a former Republican deputy attorney general, and that the FBI’s recommendation on whether any crimes were committed in the handling of the emails will then be reviewed by professional prosecutors in the Department of Justice who will make the decision, entirely on the merits, whether there is sufficient evidence to bring a case. (It should be remembered that the FBI investigates – it is not a prosecutor or a grand jury.) [I think Lanny’s preparing us for the day when the FBI does recommend prosecution and the “professional prosecutors” of the DOJ decide not to do anything about it.]

Whatever outcome, is there anyone – anyone – on the cable shows, in our national political leadership, or among journalists and lawyers, who believe in the Constitution and the presumption of innocence? [How do you feel about taking away 2nd Amendment rights from citizens even suspected of being eligible for the secret no-fly list?]

Is there anyone willing to say  “Enough”? Anyone willing to say: “Let’s stop – let’s wait for the facts”?

I am willing to say, enough.

Anyone want to join me?

This tactic worked in the past: it was the genesis of the “Moveon.org”campaign, but this time, it’s failing. That Lanny Davis, a master at this stuff, is reduced to scribbling such arrogant, on-its-face blather, is a wonderful sign, for those of us who don’t want to join Davis and his clients in their march to the coronation.


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No wonder she took such care to delete her “personal” emails

Hillary with baby

And we’ll help the litlte darling grow up the be a commodities trader, just like his granny

The State Department has fiercely resisted releasing Hillary’s emails, only (partially) yielding when court orders began flying; its latest stall came this week lawyers for State told a hudge that they couldn’t comply which his July deadline and would’t be able to come up with the supoened documents for another 27 months. As the secrets are slowy revealed, drip by drip, it’s obvious why.The latest:

Hillary used her position of Secretary of State to help her son-in-law’s failing hedgefund

In 2012, [Marc] Mezvinski, the husband of Chelsea Clinton, created a $325 million basket of offshore funds under the Eaglevale Partners banner through a special arrangement with investment bank Goldman Sachs. The funds have lost tens of millions of dollars predicting that bailouts of the Greek banking system would pump up the value of the country’s distressed bonds. One fund, exclusively dedicated to Greek debt, suffered near-total losses.

[N]ewly released emails from 2012 show that she and Clinton Foundation consultant, Sidney Blumenthal, shared classified information about how German leadership viewed the prospects for a Greek bailout. Clinton also shared “protected” State Department information about Greek bonds with her husband at the same time that her son-in-law aimed his hedge fund at Greece.

Clinton’s deputy in charge of economic policy was Robert Hormats, a former vice chairman of Goldman Sachs. Hormats and Clinton shared an extensive email trail about the possibility of bailing out Greece, including classified materials, and internal state department memos about the debt from the U.S. ambassador to Greece.

… In May, Blumenthal, emailed two “confidential” memos about the Greek debt situation to Clinton. Hormats was included in the email loop.

The first memo, Blumenthal told Clinton, is “based on conversations with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble and those close to him … the information comes from an extremely sensitive source and should be handled with care. This information must not be shared with anyone associated with the German government.”

The unnamed spy reported that in secret meetings with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Schauble had searched for a politically acceptable way to bail out the Greek debt in order to avoid collapsing the economies of Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland.

The second memo was classified and blacked out by State Department censors when Clinton’s emails were released. No doubt, it was informative.

In June, Clinton’s deputy, Jake Sullivan emailed her “a depressing snapshot” of reports that Greek banks were failing and that Merkel was against a Greek bailout. The next day, he reported “re: Greece” that Ambassador Dan Smith “just spoke to the Central Bank Governor and assessed that the economic situation was “ok for now” provided that “small depositors put money back into the banks.”

A few days later, Clinton asked Sullivan for a confidential state department report, “Solidarity Bonds Greece Revised.” He sent it to her adding, “If you like, send it on [to] WJC,” presumably a reference to William Jefferson Clinton.

Clinton ordered an aide, “Pls print two copies” of the Greek bond report. The report was blacked out as a “protected” document when the emails were made public.

… The emails show that Clinton did at least one official favor for her son-in-law. In August 2012, she forwarded Deputy Secretary Thomas Nides an email from Mezvinsky lobbying on behalf of his former Goldman Sachs colleague, Harry Siklas.

Siklas and Goldman Sachs were invested in a deep sea mining venture called Neptune Minerals. Siklas asked Mezvinsky to broker a talk with Clinton about “current legal issues and regulations” on deep sea mining. Clinton ordered Nides to “follow up on this request.”

Nides replied, “I’ll get on it.”

“When we left the White House, Bill and I were broke and in debt.”


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