Democrats drop requirement that aliens learn English or pay taxes before becoming citizens


English? We don’ need no stinkin’ English

I’m convinced that these people are just unwitting dupes, and don’t see how they are destroying our county. Of course, who they are the dupes of is a deeper question.

Politico: Democrats 2016 platform drops English requirement for citizenship 

The 2016 document contrasts sharply with the 2012 version, which also touted the need for comprehensive immigration reform, but stated that undocumented immigrants should “get right with the law, learn English, and pay taxes in order to get on a path to earn citizenship,” language unpopular with Hispanic and immigrant rights groups.

Convention platforms of both parties are non-binding, but they serve as a prediction of where the respective parties are going. 2012, for instance, saw the Democrats reverse their 2008 stance on gay marriage, and four years later, it’s the law of the land.


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23 responses to “Democrats drop requirement that aliens learn English or pay taxes before becoming citizens

  1. Walt

    Dude –

    You can’t combine these issues. They need to be looked at, and assessed, separately, I believe.

    Let’s start with the homo’s, shall we? Let them get married. WHO CARES!! They deserve to be as miserable as the rest of us. Let them give up wanton, random, mysterious glory hole sex, just so they can experience the pain of divorce. JOIN THE CLUB YOU HOMO’S!! Welcome!! You get what you wish for. Now just STFU. No one care if you are a homo or not. IT’S DONE!! Be a homo. NO ONE CARES!!

    Our friend, Lee Mazilli is a homo. WHO CARES!! I voted for him. Not because he is a homo, but because I think he is a good, honest guy. That is all that matters. In a pinch, would I let him give me mouth to mouth? YES!! Although in all honesty, if I am checking out, and it’s my last gasp, I would prefer a big breasted hottie. No offense meant, Drew.

    Now language on the other hand, is a different issue. It is what binds us. I can relate to a homo as long as he speaks American. I don’t care if he is a rump wrangler, as long as he speaks American, we can relate. Agree on common ground. If he only speaks Cuba, how do we connect? UNPOSSIBLE I SAY!!

    So a common language is important to unity. To being a United States. We can all be diverse, but without the ability to communicate with one another, we will never be united.
    At least that is what I think.

    Your Pal,

  2. “I’m convinced that these people….don’t see how they are destroying our county.”

    The Democrats know exactly what they are doing, Chris, and they do not think it is destroying the country. They like what a bilingual country looks like because they have already seen it work in California, where Spanish speakers are the largest population group. The fact that the Spanish speakers mostly hold menial, low wage personal service jobs like gardeners, cleaners, maids, nannies, etc. lets the liberal elites (including government workers) live a very comfortable life. I have three manicured acres expertly tended by a small army of Spanish speakers that cost me a fraction of what my upkeep was in Connecticut. Ditto for maid service. California is a bifurcated economy, just like Manhattan, where the very rich and the very poor co-exist, and the shrinking middle case is composed mostly of government workers. And liberals are very happy with this situation because they get cheap personal service labor and lots of votes.

    • anonymous

      The real question is how long is that small army of Spanish speakers going to let you keep your shit? They will be living in your house sooner than you think. There is an endless supply of them and not too many of you or your type. Plus, and I do not mean to offend, most of the have’s out there are too soft to do anything once the real invasion occurs. Most elite’s are of the opinion that nothing could happen to them. You may not be of that mindset since I know you are a student of history. Latin America is riddled with stories of elites losing everything. Look what happened in Russia and that was a 100 years ago. Television and the internet have provided the poorest people with lots of information that they were never privy to before. People think it can not happen here but unless we make radical changes quickly (i.e. put down the insurrection and clean up our own house internally) it is not a question of if but when.

      • Excellent point, but so far the only squatter in my neighborhood has been Randy Quaid. However, the peasant culture takeover of the Central Valley is well under way and could lead to something like you predict in the future. Here is an essay from a fifth generation farmer setting forth some recent changes in his neighborhood.

        • anonymous

          That was an interesting essay. I guess our choices are between a police state and/or chaos which is what I think we are on the verge of. A nanny state that benefits many using the borrowed money and the wealth of a small elite can not last for very long. Add to this mix: high unemployment, class warfare, racial divisiveness, a complete distrust of the media, the elites and our elected officials and you have a rather combustible concoction. There was a California prophet by the name of Charles Manson that predicted this situation (Helter Skelter) just about 50 years ago. It has taken us a while to get here…………………..but here we are.

    • Anonymous

      I see you bought into the liberal dream that you protestor despise.

    • Great analysis Inagua but you could have left ALL of it out and just written they get “LOTS OF VOTES”. That’s why they are doing this and it is the only reason.

      • With respect to dropping some of the criteria for amnesty, you are undoubtedly correct. The immediate reason is votes.

        I was also trying to address the larger issue of why liberals like low skilled immigrants from the south. These people are here in large numbers, and absent an effort to enforce our immigrations laws, much of the country might some day be like California — a place with thin layer of rich people; a shrinking middle class dominated by public employees; and a huge unassimilated underclass doing the scut work, clogging the social welfare system, and lowering the standards of the public schools.

        • Toonces

          one thing you have to add to your list of how the country might some day be like California – – and again I believe it is the principal motivation: votes. In California now where the illegal immigrats DO vote, you cannot win statewide office – senator or governor, unless you are a Democrat.

          • The country is already voting like California. No Republican be elected president because the fastest growing immigrant groups, Latinos and Asians, vote 70+% Democratic, just like Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Gays, and single women.

          • That’s true Inagua, with regard to the presidency (although I still think there is a chance of a Trump landslide). But it is not true yet for the senate. We still have red states. If illegals get a path to citizenship, voting rights and benefits we will have no red states and we will have one party rule. The president will no longer need a pen and paper. Very dangerous. Hello Greece, hello Venezuela.

          • Toonces – It is likely that Republicans will have the Congress for long time. But to what end? They do nothing. Compare what Congressional Republicans do in opposition to what the Democrats did in opposition — Daschle and Pelosi bombarded Bush with legislation, substantially all of which he signed. McConnell and Ryan send nothing to Obama. Where is the tax rate cut? The balanced budget? The funding for the Wall? The plan to monitor visa visitors to prevent overstaying? E-verify? Border security? The sad truth is that Republican Congressional leadership is beholden to Chamber of Commerce types who like Open Borders because of the cheap labor. Absent the extremely unlikely Trump landslide that you hope for, our government will continue its bipartisan descent into a European style welfare state.

          • Toonces

            Damn Inagua – I agree with all of that. They do nothing. I think that’s part of why Trump has risen. He isn’t one of them. The tea party was supposed to clean house. Nope, big fail. My hope is that Trump wins and shakes things up. It is a wildly optimistic hope that is not grounded in reality I realize. He also does scare me, but other than Rand Paul and maybe, Scott Walker, there was no other candidate that I felt could move our country back in the right direction.

          • anon

            Toonces- Scott Walker did what exactly? What direction did he take the R party?

          • Toonces

            anon – he has been an amazing governor. Fought the unions and won, for one. He’s courageous. He was a terrible debator – not flashy – so unfortunately he got lost up there on stage with 17 some candidates.

          • He not only fought the unions, he fought off two nationally-funded recall drives brought in retaliation.

          • anon

            It wasn’t only that Walker couldn’t orate, his state platform didn’t translate nationwide. Same with Jeb. Christie could talk the talk but he too didn’t resonate with the national electorate. The angry voters saw Walker as establishment. What he did for his state was admirable but he would not do a thing to advance the R party.

  3. Anonymous

    I come from a lineage of Spanish-speaking, non-gardening, food-prepping Mexicans. My grandfather became a citizen, spoke English, adopted American culture, and embraced everything American right down to color tv’s and Cadillac’s. He was proud to be an AMERICAN citizen and served the country in WWII.

    Brutal racism in his day, but he persevered and embraced everything that was the land of opportunity here. He was a chef, and cooked for Presidents, royalty, etc. By the way, just about never cooked Mexican food at home, according to my family. That must’ve sucked (I happen to love Mexican food) but that was his choice–embrace EVERYTHING about America. The irony is his specialty was French food.

    While he’s long since passed, I am certain he would be disgusted with the way Hispanic race relations are today in the U.S.

  4. Toonces

    Anonymous @ 11:53 – I am grateful you’re here, grateful for your grandfather’s service to our country and believe we need more immigrants like him and a better immigration policy that takes in more legal immigrants. NOT illegal ones though. No path to citizenship for people who broke the law.

  5. Anonymous

    Dupes of multi-nationals and their lobbyist orgs. After we have this borderless world with low-paid widget worker bees everywhere, multi-nationals will remain the central power. of course. 1 country isn’t playing this game — China!

  6. Don

    The ultimate goal is turning America into the Brazil of the North. And we know what a mess Brazil is in so many ways. Welcome to you and your children’s future.

    • Learn To Slaughter

      Idiotic comment,
      Brazil is DOA.
      They sent us their cash and they aren’t getting it back.
      US is the worlds safe haven.
      All cash ends up here.