News you can’t use

At least, I can’t. Greenwich Time’s out with a story from the AP, “How Michigan’s new budget will affect you”. Until I saw that headline, I had assumed Michigan’s budget decisions did not reach into Connecticut but, always eager to learn something new, I clicked on the article and to my disappointment, learned only that I’d been right: Michigan’s new budget will not affect me.

I don’t know whether the actual newsprint version of our town’s formerly local paper includes such filler, but it’s a shame to see even the internet pipelines clogged with such stuff.

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7 responses to “News you can’t use

  1. Greenwich Gal

    Dead publication. Cancelled my subscription years ago.

  2. anonymous

    You would be wrong to assume that the budget of Michigan will not affect Connecticut. Right now Michigan tops the list of states accepting Muslim refugees. They will soon run out of borrowed federal money and then other states will have to pick up the slack. Most of the N. England states are at the top of the list of states that have volunteered to accept refugees. Unless the Donald is elected, we will be swimming in an ever larger sea of Muslim dreamers. Plus, Murphy is on Hillary’s VP short list. CT can expect a lot more grandstanding from this buffoon on hot-button issues like LGBT, Guns, and refugees.

    • Libertarian Advocater

      Murphy on Killary’s VP short list? Hardly a surprise that she would want a blithering idiot as her VP. Still, Danny must be CRUSHED.

  3. Walt

    Dude –

    What is the purpose of this post? IT’S MEANINGLESS!! I don’t understand it. Please explain. You moron.

    Let’s discuss something important, shall we? OK THAN!! Thank you.

    Where is the BBQ tomorrow? As we celebrate our independence from our previous overbearing kraut overlords.

    And isn’t it ironic that we will celebrate this watershed event by stuffing wieners down our disgusting little gullets? With Hot Dog’s being invented by THE JEW’S!! It’s true!! You can look it up. Nathan Handwerker. He being the Nathan of “Nathan’s Famous”. He also makes the best French fry’s BTW. And he never even met a cheese eating surrender monkey, as far as I can tell. Leave it to the Jew’s. Am I right?

    Anyhows, my point is…..I SAID MY POINT IS!! Shouldn’t we all be able to enjoy our independence, embrace everything that makes us great, and NOT BE ACCUSED OF CULTURAL MISAPPROPRIATIONTIONTION? WHAT IS THAT? I don’t even know what it means. It’s totally stupid and made up.
    Embrace the good, reject the bad, and we will all be better off. No matter what race or religion claims to have invented it. JUST STOP THIS “PROGRESSIVE” NONSENSE!!

    So even though I am a non-Jew, I WILL CONTINUE TO EAT HOT DOGS. UNABASHEDLY!! I will eat watermelon tomorrow, even though I am not a Negro. AND FRIED CHICKEN TOO!! STUFF IT NEGRO’S AND JEW’S!! GET OVER YOURSELVES!!

    How did my love of hot dog’s, watermelon and fried chicken become a racist “statement”? Some “progressive” made this shit up just to cause problems.

    So I think we should all just use this July 4th Holiday to reflect on the greatness of this Nation. Which we all created, and which we should all embrace.

    I ask you…I SAID I ASK YOU!! Where else could a lying, denying, unindicted Lesbian criminal be the next POTUS of this great Nation? HOW GREAT IS THAT!!

    Your Pal,

    • Libertarian Advocate

      How did my love of hot dog’s, watermelon and fried chicken become a racist “statement”? Some “progressive” made this shit up just to cause problems.

      Walt: right. All made up idiocy by a-caca- demy resident progs who still have to publish our perish. So tyey come up with these risable theories of how eating chinese or Moroocan food is racist due to cultural appropriation. The people who promote this “hogwash” are fucking idiots who could never hold a job outside academia where one’s employers actually expect results. Today one scholarly note in an academic journal lets ’em continue to suck from the teat of that public sector sow for another decade or so.

  4. anonymous

    Feltman (a German)was selling Coney Island dogs for two decades before Handwerker came along and took the credit. That story has a familiar ring to it. When they rewrite the story to eliminate our history it becomes harder to know the truth. Most of what you see and hear these days and has been manufactured to fit a narrative that goes against the real history of the USA.

  5. The Box in "Byram"

    GT is garbage. It’s 95% reposts from the CT Post, which itself is 80% filler from AP or press releases from the CT Democratic congressional delegation. What they do cover about Greenwich is usually “were you seen at?” articles, which are fun but not really meaningful. Their editorials are a never ending string of hysterical anti-gun screeds. And every election they run the same “Greenwich it turning purple!” article, even as Republicans win by ever greater margins. Just read the CT Post instead. Actually, just read to get the links to the important articles.

    I like GFP better. They still give a lot of space over to the local Democrats and the Greenwich anti-gun violence group, which is a joke – but they do a pretty good job of covering the goings on in town government. Unlike GT, they actually go to P&Z meetings and the like. Best part is the police blotter.