And at least Hillary was thorough


Catch me if you can!

Thoroughly corrupt. Huma states in deposition that Hillary burned her daily  schedules “on more than one occasion” . Since the destruction of public records, as opposed to her destruction of what she claimed were”personal” e-mails, is a federal crime, one can wonder who, exactly, met with the Secretary of State on those days and why she was so determined to purge any record of her meeting them. It probably wasn’t her hairdresser.

RELATED: “Psst! Loretta! Wanna keep your job?” Hillary leaks that she wants to keep Loretta Lynch as her Attorney General. Of course, that will depend on continued good behavior, as Loretta was undoubtedly warned by Hillary’s Hubby last week on the tarmac.



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13 responses to “And at least Hillary was thorough

  1. Chris – Your post caused me to stumble across something interesting about the media. The “burn bag” story has so far been reported only on right wing web sites. Nothing so far from the NY Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. Why? I went to Judicial Watch, the source of the data, but there was no press release about it. The only reference to Huma was a link to her deposition, which is several hundred pages long.

    I can think of only a few possibilities: only the right wing sites read the deposition; only the right wing sites were tipped off by Judicial Watch; the MSM didn’t read the deposition; the MSM didn’t think it was newsworthy; or the MSM has so far deliberately avoided a story adverse to Hillary.

    No matter how you look at it, this is very bad journalism.

    • burningmadolf

      Real research gets in the way of CNN “reporting” all weekend that according to sources (Clinton campaign) there will be no charges forthcoming.
      But hey did you know Trump tweeted the star of David or some such shit?

      • Anonymous

        It would have been more effective to show ” Most corrupt candidate ever” on a cross….. After all, she’s a Christian ! ( I’m Jewish )

  2. Al Dente

    I remember a time when cheating politicians would consort in back rooms and dark alleys. Now they do it in the open, with impunity. What a country!

  3. Bill Clinton goes out of his way to meet Loretta Lynch on the tarmac, on the other side of the country. Both of them are too smart to be discussing the Hillary case. They probably really did talk about grandchildren, like Bubba said. But the underlying message is: “We Clintons are very interested in your career, Loretta. I personally like you so much that I’ll travel all across the country to deliver this message in person: We Clintons like you a great deal and are very interested in you. We’ll soon be in a position to provide strong assistance to your career and your finances.” A love-bomb of this type, from Bill Clinton, is very seductive and persuasive.

    Remember when Monica was testifying and Bubba wore the tie she gave him? It was the same kind of love-bomb. Same message: “I care for you Monica and can make your life very comfortable…..”

    • burningmadolf

      Yep, they do very few things by accident. Unless you refuse them, then you might have an accident.

  4. She’s learned her lesson from past mistakes: