This seems silly

Governor Malloy unveils new placard for handicapped spaces. They’re intended to deemphasize the handicapped nature of a handicapped person, and instead of using an image of a stationary person in a wheelchair going nowhere, they depict some sort of para-olympic athlete. Gone, too, is the word handicapped, replaced by “reserved”.

There are obviously larger fish to fry in Connecticut this fiscal year, but I thought the whole idea of these spaces in the first place was to reserve spots closest to stores for the handicapped: those with a physical disability that makes walking difficult. A kind accommodation for the unfortunate by society, and surely one that no one can object to, but if these spaces are really intended for the use of wheelchair racers, why should we bother?

PC rules.

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8 responses to “This seems silly

  1. greenwich dude

    the problem with this isnt the banality and worthlessness of the sentiment, its that actual money will be spent on this and the results will be 0% different. imagine if we spent money on things that matter, like, uhh, new bridges or top educator retention bonuses or tax rebates or whatever. people have become such bleeding heart little chickenshits

    • burningmadolf

      GD, you missed the tremendous fiscal restraint shown be your most benevolent governor, this will only be for new or replacement signs. That’s not to sat the the SJWs won’t now go out and destroy/damage all existing signs.

  2. Reserved parking for Kim Kardashian and/or one of her many acolytes?

  3. The handicap vets we know wouldn’t give a shit what the sign looks like – they are too busy living their lives, not defining themselves by some icon.

    The only thing more stupid than Malloy embracing this image is that Cuomo did it two years ago.

  4. N

    Malloy should be 100% consumed with how to close the one billion dollar budget deficit.

    But, like all good progressives, he will kick that can down the road and then blame the fiscal conservative who has to fix his mess with being a mean person.

    As Thatcher well said, sooner or later your run out of other peoples money to spend.

    CT is f-ed as long as progressives keep driving the tax-paying people out of the state.

  5. Anonymous

    Did anyone else see now this fuktard wants to visit the site of the Orlando massacre? And on the dime of our broke state? To do what, tell their states governor they should have an income tax? WTF???

  6. Anonymous

    I asked the Citibank rep down at the Greenwich Station office why there were two handicapped parking spots (always unused) in the train station parking lot across from the Lexus dealer and next to Hop Scotch. How would it be advantageous to a handicapped patron to park so far away and have to go uphill to the bank? He rolled his eyes and laughed. Practicality clearly wasn’t the purpose.

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    Ive seen plenty of people fully capable of walking take those spots (using a govt issued tag) then hop out of their car and huff it into the supermarket apparently unhindered by ailment. I do understand that some conditions are serious but dont obviously manifest themselves, but it seems to me that the standards to get a tag could be tighter still.