Down to the smallest detail: Government sponsored television network broadcasts faked firework show

Bikini fireworks

(Possibly irrelevant, but more interesting than a photo of dud fireworks)

PBS apologizes “for any confusion we may have cause viewers” by broadcasting last year’s capitol fireworks show last night and describing it as real. 

The only “confusion” this may have caused would have been among those who somehow still believe anything the government says or does; that’s a dwindling number.


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14 responses to “Down to the smallest detail: Government sponsored television network broadcasts faked firework show

  1. AJ

    You’ll believe they faked the fireworks, but y’all believe this event that defies the laws of physics is real — because . . . doubting the regime is unpatriotic?

  2. Anonymous

    wait. no. he doesn’t think that the planes flown into WTC 1 and 2 and into the field and the pentagon were a government (US!!_ run operation does he? That Mohammed atta was working for the US govenment? no….! I like AJ. please tell me he doesn’t believe this, please

    • I’m sorry, but we all love AJ too (with one notable exception), but the sad truth is that AJ’s a 9/11 Truther.

    • Walt

      Dude –

      PUSSYFOOT DID IT!! I KNOW IT!! FOR A FACT!! I just can’t prove it because I can’t find anyone who speaks Cuba. I also think Pussyfoot was with you on the grassy knoll!! I am gong to prove that too!

      Your Pal,

  3. AJ – please tell me this isn’t true. You believe that the 19 guys (Saudi Arabian or at least most of them) did what they did at the direction of the US government? Why?? Can you explain it to me in just 3 sentences?

    • Aj, let’s not go here, ok? (Although if you’d like 3 sentences to explain to these late-comers where you stand, that’s ok – just no more 5,000 word essays.)

      Toonces, it took about two years to get AJ to quit posting on this subject – now you’ve awakened him – bad dog! Bad bad dog!

      • There was a reason I said 3 :). I can’t believe I missed this. AJ please tell me it aint so. Or, give me 3 sentences. Thank you! AJ is smart – so I just don’t believe this. AJ – no muslim worth his sword would work along with the US government. CF – sorry!

        • AJ

          The planes that hit the WTC towers were not commercial airliners but windowless, remote-controlled, military planes with a missile launcher on the underbellly:

          Here is one video there are many:

          • Toonces

            So, AJ – We had two acquaintances on one plane and I had one college friend on another plane. Um….. did they die some other way? Were they mysteriously transferred onto these remote controlled planes? Were the phone messages one wife received completely fabricated and then the husband offed some other way?

          • AJ

            Who knows? Those were not airliners that hit the twin towers and building #7 did not collapse, it was brought down through controlled demolition. Those are facts that cannot be negated by what you don’t know.

          • Toonces

            I had friends die in those buildings and on those planes. They weren’t passengers on a remote controlled military aircraft nor were they secreted away to some island to make it look like they died on those planes. As to building 7, I agree it was weird how it fell – much like WTC1 and 2 fell but it wasn’t hit. I believe I’ve heard engineers explain that the integrity of the building was affected by the collapse of WTC 1 and 2. I’d have to look into it more but won’t because I know that commercial airlines – 4of them – were used by terrorists that day. So why would our government make it worse by demolishing building #7? It’s ridiculous. Anyway – that was WAY MORE than 3 sentences. sorry!!!