FBI Director “No reasonable prosecutor worried about his job security would bring this case”

James Comey

Bad girl!

We’re not in danger of becoming a banana republic: we’re too big a country for that. Instead, we’ve become a country as lawless as Russia or China, where power, not the rule of law, runs the agenda. Just as Putin’s minions abrogate contracts at his will, we now throw out contractual obligations to bond holders (GM, Puerto Rico), the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court reads the political message from the executive branch of government and meekly declares constitutional a law that clearly isn’t, and we enforce laws only as the whim of the president dictates, we prosecute, and don’t prosecute, as that same executive decides.

FBI Director Comey decides against prosecuting Clinton because he found “no intent” to violate the law. That’s not required by the relevant law, but who cares?

The Attorney General of the United States meets secretly with the husband of someone under investigation by the FBI, and who cares?

Intellectual lightweights like Chris Murphy say that stripping a constitutional right from individuals is too important to wait for the cumbersome right of due process to  be indulged, and who cares?.

Richard Posner, a once respected federal judge who several times has been considered for a seat on the Supreme Court, declared last week that there is “absolutely no value in the Constitution of the United States.”

Richard Posner is wrong, but his summary of what now passes for our country’s legal system is spot on.


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26 responses to “FBI Director “No reasonable prosecutor worried about his job security would bring this case”

  1. Anonymous

    The Clintons make the Mafia look like Girl Scouts!

  2. another starbucks 4 me

    Not a surprise at all. The rich are going to become richer under the Clinton regime – all the rest are going to get taxed to death by the feudal lords inside the beltway. Incorporate or attain not-for-profit status to weather this impending fiscal storm.

  3. AJ

    As I stated either on this or EOS’s blog way back when it all started, the whole purpose of investigating Hillary was to give her a clean bill of health for those who had any doubts, and just in time for the election.

  4. burningmadolf

    Intent is 9/10s of the law?

  5. Anonymous Too

    Thomas Jefferson must be turning in his grave. All men (and women) are not created equal – the Clintons prove it! Ironic isn’t it that the announcement is made right after the Fourth of July!

  6. Anonymous

    Will there be an investigation of the Clinton Foundation? Sounds like there’s some punishable offenses going on over there…

  7. Anonymous

    “Extremely careless” = gross negligence. End of story. We have truly become a banana republic.

  8. Anonymous

    I too saw that on CNN ( gays only watch CNN according to someone who posts here ) and just to be sure I switched to FOX where I saw Dr Ben Carson stammering and blinking about it… Good enough for me. And as I write this, Fleetwood Mac is on radio with “Don’t Stop” Coincidental ? I don’t think so…

  9. You and I and all the other committed Republicans think that this FBI whitewash was a ……well, a whitewash. Does Trump have the smarts and experience to transform this FBI action into a message that might peel away some undecided voters, or will it simply become another Trump-tweet?

    Will he leave the domain of reality-TV and find a strategery?

    There’s a case to be made that Hillary isn’t careful and takes too many risks.

    And to make that case, we Republicans have chosen a candidate for whom calm is a four-letter word, and who shoots from the hip. [massive fail]

    • Anonymous Too

      Quit your whining you Cruz supporter. The Republican party (you included, since you are a Republican and are even on an elected Board in Greenwich) has chosen its candidate. Either get on board or quit the party with the rest of the whiners. I don’t particularly like Mr. Trump but as everyone can see Hilary is Obama intensified and our country doesn’t need more of that. So quit the bellyaching and start standing for Republican principles or get off the ship.

  10. Anonymous

    Chris – Thank you for stating so accurately and succinctly my reaction to Comey’s statement. I have been feeling sick to my stomach ever since. As Catherine Herridge, the excellent and well-informed “security expert” on Fox said, “gross negligence is punishable as a criminal act ” but apparently Comey decided not to pursue it as such or even apply a mere slap on the wrist. After explicitly detailing the ways in which HRC acted with “gross negligence” he more or less punted because a prosecution would go nowhere. Any such offender than a Clinton would undoubtedly be prosecuted. This is gutwrenching and enraging. Oldtimer

    • As usual, I agree with you Old Timer. So many people I’ve spoken with today are apoplectic, physically sick. I thought my mother’s head would explode, she was that angry. This photo put me over the top, seeing Hillary campaigning today under the Presidential Seal. I mean, of all the gall. And Obama fawning over her and hugging her. I want to vomit.

      • Anonymous

        Get used to it..

      • Anonymous

        Don’t believe it…That’s CNN you’re looking at.. They slant the news to favor Democrats…

      • Anonymous

        Sorry this upsets you so….But did you ( and mother ) REALLY think she would not get away with this ? I don’t think of myself as a cynical person but I never thought she would EVER be wearing orange jumpsuits.. That’s not the way the world works…Really naive of you to think justice would prevail . The sooner you accept this, the sooner you will be able to sleep at night… And tell mom to take up needlepoint and ignore reality…Worked for my mom…

        • Never at any time did I think she’d be indicted. It’s like a little fantasy land, imagining a world where Comey spoke and said “we’re bringing charges”. That’s all.

  11. Anonymous

    What a bunch of whiners. If the Republican candidate was not so go dam awful you would have half a chance of winning. But since that entire process is dominated by the base you stand no chance of the Presidency or even Congress at this rate. Learn to emphasize
    Republican values positively!

    • Anonymous

      WAY too late for that…. And it looks like the Senate will turn and as a consequence the Supreme Court is going to be a hotbed of progressive decisions for the next generation or so ( at least ). I wouldn’t be surprised if the Republican party dissolves too…

    • If anyone knew what the Republican values were, there might be more support for the party.

  12. Marco

    Mr. Benjamin Frankin, We didn’t keep your Republic.

  13. Anonymous

    No intent? I call BS, it was her intent all along that the private email system would allow her to use the State Dept as a tool to fill the coffers of the Clinton Foundation. Plenty of evidence such as Haiti mining contract, Chinese speeches and the worst of all, giving away strategic uranium reserves to the Russians.

    Then she has the balls to destroy evidence (30,000 emails she claimed to be personal) and it turns out that there were 100’s of classified emails in those 30,000. Wanna guess what else was in the 30,000?

    Disgraceful. DOJ is a political cesspool.