Price war, and in mid-country even

21 Baldwin Farms South

21 Baldwin Farms South

21 Baldwin Farms S. listed at $3.495 million back in April and was immediately engulfed in a bidding war. The prevailing buyer paid $3.550 last week. Nice house, but I have almost never seen a “winner” of one of these things come out ahead, long term. Maybe this will be the exception; after all, if there were multiple people interested in buying it, surely that will also be true five years or so down the line.

Yet that rarely proves the case.


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6 responses to “Price war, and in mid-country even

  1. Wanna know what’s worse than a bathtub in front of a window??? A tub in front of a mirror! Yikes.

  2. Mickster

    Problem is that buyers invariably decide to ‘update’ their purchase and the project gets out of hand, they spend a small fortune and decide to move a few years later, losing most if not all of their $6/7/800k spent on ‘updates’.

  3. Didn’t expect much with the first pic, but, there is a lot to like with this house as one scrolls through the photographs.

  4. CT2CA

    This is a very nice house- great land, great floor plan, additions that make sense and look like they were designed to align and not overpower the original house.

    Re the ‘losers in a bidding war’- these buyers didn’t pay that much over ask so I would hope that they will be OK- or as OK as anyone will be buying any other $3.5MM house today.

  5. G-Town Shopper

    This is the nicest house in the low-to-mid-three price range in Greenwich proper (south of the parkway anyway) to come on to the market this year. It was priced to move and got snapped up quickly.