Profiles in opportunitism

bluemthal murphy

“And I remind viewers that www. is always open, 24 hours a day. But as you make your contribution, please keep the innocent victims of Orlando in your thoughts and prayers”

“The Bulletin”, a newspaper based somewhere in eastern Connecticut, weighs in on Blumenthal’s, Murphy’s and Himes’ latest stunt, and gets it wrong.

We agree that the fundraising drive, coming in the wake of the worst mass shooting in modern American history and in the midst of a pitched — and ultimately doomed — policy debate, was inappropriate. But state Rep. Dan Carter, R-Bethel, a candidate running to unseat incumbent Democrat Richard Blumenthal in the Senate, takes it too far by calling it “blood money.”

Carter’s vitriol suggests that Democrats like Blumenthal, Sen. Chris Murphy, Rep. Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, and the rest of the Connecticut delegation are not sincere and have cynically used the Orlando nightclub massacre as a political fundraising instrument.

What would you call it?


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  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Off topic, but this is important. James Comey, the FBI head, is holding a press conference at 11:00 AM today:

    I bet he is resigning. They won’t let him indict Cankles.

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  2. anonymous

    Wally, did you get your weenie roasted this weekend on fire island? Did you let some large knee-grow grill your buns? I will bet sitting down this week is going to be close to impossible. Get well soon.

    • Walt

      Actually, IF YOU MUST KNOW, I was solving the “mystery” of what took building number 7 down. IT WAS PUSSYFOOT!! IT WAS PUSSFOOT I TELL YA!!
      You LCDMPOCDR!!

  3. Walt

    ¿por qué estás hablando Cuba? PUSSYFOOT!!

  4. Cater in trouble….HE IS REAL!
    He performed big time in last that we won…DESERT STORM!