Score one for AJ

Bluementhal Murphy

Well WE could have told you that; we just felt it’d be better coming from AJ

When the FBI investigation [sic] of Hillary was first announced, AJ wrote that the process was intended solely as a means to give the woman an official clean bill of health and remove it as a campaign issue. Our own CT senators, both lawyers presumably capable of reading criminal statutes  and one of whom is a master of the use of political prosecution, have demonstrated AJ’s prescience. Here. moments after the FBI’s announcement of non-prosecution, are the twin mouthpieces:  

Murphy: “This isn’t surprising. We’ve expected this announcement for a very long time. I’m frankly sorry it took this long to clear her name and hopefully this campaign can return to the issues that really matter to the American people.”

My hope is this marks a turning point where we can get away from name calling and start talking about real issues.”

It was an off way to “clear her name”, but that’s a minor matter: just like the lady’s husband’s impeachment, “it’s time to move on”.

Then Blumenthal: [“FBI Director Comey]’s a former colleague and a friend, and most important, his record demonstrates that he has both the capacity and the determination to make judgments about criminal matters with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism,” Blumenthal said. “So, I trust his judgment, and I believe it will have a great deal of credibility with the American people.”

Blumenthal added, “It will be more surprising and outrageous if the campaign of Donald Trump continues to focus on this issue when it has been decided authoritatively and credibly that no criminal charges are appropriate.

Nothing to see here, move along, move along.


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17 responses to “Score one for AJ

  1. Anonymous

    Comey did everything but recommend an indictment. He said that there was evidence of law-breaking, just nothing that a prosecutor would bring to court. Then he emphasized that government employees would normally face administrative and security consequences, even without criminal charges— meaning that a normal government employee would permanently lose security clearance over this. Will the government revoke Hillary’s security clearance?

      • AJ

        Had little Jebbie been the GOP nominee, Hillary probably would have been well rewarded for bowing out with nothing more than a mild scolding. #NeverTrump calls for extraordinary measures.

    • AJ

      He can hedge it anyway he likes; bottom line, no indictment = clean bill of health, and that’s how it will be spun over and over again on all MSM.

  2. Beavis and Butthead Redux!

  3. Just have a feeling that someone will slip on one our Republic’s banana peal still….
    Can we buy top secret emails on ebay soon?

    • desidog

      I’m waiting for Russia or China to release all of HRC’s emails right before the election.

  4. National Review nails it, as usual: Gross negligence is criminal. The WHOLE POINT of gross negligence is that Intent is not required, only negligence:

    • In fact, gross negligence is being kind. She did what she did deliberately, and deliberately to thwart the law. The e-mails that resurfaced after she thought she’d destroyed them prove this, but that was never really the issue: the issue was how to get rid of the issue, and they did.

      • CatoRenasci

        Blame G.H.W. Bush for being such a shtty campaigner in 1992 – everything the Clintons have touched has been sht and has rather inexorably turned the country into sh*t. It is depressing beyond belief. Nothing seems to stop the borg. There is no doubt that Hillary is the single most dishonest person ever to run for the presidency. To paraphrase Hiram Johnson in 1910: in our [country] we have drug the dregs of the cup of infamy; we have been betrayed by public officials; we have been disgraced before the world by crimes unspeakable; but with all the criminals who have disgraced us, we have never had anything so degraded, so disreputable, and so vile as [Hillary Rodham Clinton] and the [Clinton Foundation].

  5. Anonymous

    I’m completely demoralized! And bereft for our country.

    • I do believe we’ve lost the battle to save our country. Inagua’s always said we’re in a long, slow decline, and I hope he’s right, because that’s the best case scenario-sudden collapse will be (might be?) worse.
      Interesting essay yesterday on Robert Owen, one of America’s first “progressives”, who declared his socialist, atheistic vision for America on July 4th 1826, the 50th anniversary of our founding and the very day Jefferson and Adams died.The author’s point was, all these years later, it’s Owens’s ideas that have won out.
      The rising tide of immigrants and government dependents have doomed us to the triumph of the regressive-“progressive” rule, and down we go.
      But maybe slowly.

      • It will be a long, slow decline because America still has the most innovative and productive private economy in the world. The smart people who invent and manufacture all the wonderful medical, technological, and engineering marvels we enjoy every day will subsume the effects of our corrupt, inefficient government for a very long time. If all other things were equal (which they never are) the governmental corruption would damage the country very substantially and very quickly. But the American private sector keeps chugging along, albeit at a very slow rate.

        That said, today marks a terrible point of inflection on the graph of decline. A criminal was not charged because she occupied a place of high importance in our government. Shame on us if we elect this lying criminal as our president. Eight years of lawlessness by Hillary and her putative Supreme Court appointments will do irreparable damage to the rule of law, and will almost certainly lead to a significant moral and governmental decline for America.

  6. Don’t despair. We conservatives have the ideas which actually work, as you remember. We only need to continue the process of ignoring the legacy media, and the dominant culture, and finding candidates who can present our ideas, and win.

    By the way, did you see the interesting article in the NY Times that the most liberal universities are disproportionately in New England? It’s like some local virus.

  7. Just the Facts!

    Comey’s hands were tied on this one. Can you imagine if he went forward with the indictment and then AG Lynch pulling it due to insufficient legal grounds. This all looks ugly and plays very well into the Donald’s campaign. Comey will have a lot more latitude during the Clinton Foundation investigation where there is a lot more crooked behavior to expose. Trump’s odds going into the homestretch is looking better than ever….despite the media completely fabricating polling figures. JTF!