Yes, we do report Greenwich real estate news, when it crops up

Which is increasingly infrequent as we move into the summer, but such as it is, here it is:

226 Riversville

226 Riversville Road

226 Riversville Road, asking $1.175, reports a pending sale. The owner, an agent, paid $1,012,500 for it in 2015 after it had sat on the market for a year, redid the kitchen, painted it and did a nice job making it look good. If she did all that to flip it, she probably didn’t make out all that well, but then again, paying just 1/2 a commission allows a little extra room, and the profit will probably pay a private school tuition or two, so nothing to sneeze at. Nice house.

11 Maher Avenue

11 Maher Avenue

11 Maher Avenue is also pending. Asking $2.295 million, it was on the market just 32 days, so it’s probably a safe assumption that the sellers are getting close to that price. Maher’s a popular street with good reason, although I find it busier than I’d prefer because it’s got Brunswick at one end, but that’s never hurt prices here and people who live there profess to love it (and often prove it by staying put for years). As an aside, Zillow shows a 2007 sale here for $2.7 million or something, but that’s not true – error on the on-line town tax records. The last sale was in 2010 at about $1.6, and improvements have been made.


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7 responses to “Yes, we do report Greenwich real estate news, when it crops up

  1. Anonymous

    Maher is a great street — charming houses, dense but not too dense, super convenient to town and schools, walkable and just generally pleasant. IMO, one of the absolute best streets in Greenwich, certainly in this price range.

    • Anonymous

      Maher and Patterson used to be heavy on Brunswick and GA families but it now seems to be popular with older downsizers and 179 day CT residents who may also be looking at the Milbank Ave townhouse mansions.

  2. Anonymous

    226 Riversville was horrible! Not sure how she got it sold but good for her. She put minimal money into it so if she got anywhere near the ask she made out well. Considering house was empty it was surprising that there was no information (listing sheets with photos, plot plan etc). Also I bet lots of agents missed the open house since there was no sign. I guess though her behavior was like many listing agents in this town- you would just think she might go the extra mile since it was her house.

  3. Anonymous

    Kinda OT but 197 Otter Rock …. Is that really a land sale…? The house is really a “modest ” ( read horrible ) thing for that neighborhood…What’s that mirror in the lr… Looks like other policemen are on the other side while the perp is being interrogated…