You won’t see this on mainstream TV

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12 responses to “You won’t see this on mainstream TV

  1. Well, I for one am thoroughly… oh, wait, today is National Bikini Day! – Coincidence? I think not

  2. AJ

    Don’t be such a hater. Hillary can’t help herself: she is under the command of central control.

  3. So the question arises: What was behind Comey’s bizarre performance today?

    Chris, please put on your lawyer hat and tell me if this makes sense. Comey clearly set forth an airtight case against her, but he declined to push it forward. Why? Because he knew that Lynch and Obama would refuse to prosecute. Had he made a recommendation to prosecute, he would have been ethically barred from publicly detailing the case. (Am I right about this, Chris?) So he made the details of her guilt public the only way he could, as an accompaniment to a recommendation not to prosecute.

    • Walt

      Inagua – The only email address she had was her personal one. She didn’t have a .gov email. She was the Secretary of State. So some of the most sensitive, classified material being sent around, to her UNSECURED EMAIL HAD to include Barry as well. So this investigation was never going nowhere, because Barry is guilty as well.

      This is the tipping point for our Country, and we are on the inevitable down hill slope. And it just accelerated dramatically.

    • That’s pretty much what Roger Simon, a far more astute observer than I says, Inagua. He knew that the DOJ would never prosecute and would bury the details of what his investigators had found so he took them public, then stepped back, damage done.
      I suspect it was cowardice, not conscience that prompted him to punt, but I certainly can’t read his mind.

  4. Anonymous

    “This is the tipping point for our Country, and we are on the inevitable down hill slope. And it just accelerated dramatically.”

    Walt, you nailed it big time.

  5. hmmm

    I remember the gnashing of teeth when ford pardoned Nixon. Where are the cries of injustice now? Nothing to see here, move along move along.

    • I wouldn’t be against O’Bumski pardoning Clinton, but she’d have to have been indicted, tried and convicted first. This never got past GO – that’s the difference.

  6. Comey’s opened the floodgates for the next ‘recklessly careless’ government employees to give away our classified secrets and get nothing but a slap on the hand. What in the world was he thinking? This corruption stinks to high heaven and this is not just going to slide by like the other allegations against Hillary Clinton I’m afraid. How could any intelligent voter think she’d be honest once she became President. My husband has always advised his people when they were interviewing possible candidates for a job, “Look at the person’s past closely and you’ll know what their future actions will be.” Period. End of story.