Big dollar sale


111 Park Avenue

111 Park Avenue, Greenwich, which was discussed here last April when it was reported as pending, has closed at $5.9 million. Ogilvy had it for a year, 2010-2011 an unwavering $7.450 million, B.K. Bates had it from 2014-2015 beginning at $6.995 and ending at $6.4, Chris Finlay got it this year at $6.150 and a buyer appeared in just a couple of weeks.

You always want to be the third broker on an overpriced house, to give time and disappointment to have their way with the owner.


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10 responses to “Big dollar sale

  1. Anonymous

    Drive past it every day on my commute. Which is the very reason I would not want to live there.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Btw, someone has asked about the spec house at Sweet Briar for $2.3 and from what I see, its not yet under contract.

  3. Anonymous

    Wow, that is a high price to pay for this house. Looks like the house needs a lot of renovation. Very tired looking and really don’t like the color of the brick.

  4. Anonymous

    I assume that the buyer will split off the extra lot at that price and use the funds for the extensive, needed renovation. Otherwise seems like a high price.

    • That’s a little large for our needs. Besides, unlike our present offices at Starbucks, it doesn’t seem to come equipped with an espresso machine.

  5. Anonymous

    OT but Corker withdrew a potential running mate….You know ……..VP …. Trump….Wash Post interview….

  6. Anonymous

    Please, please paint shutters and front door high gloss black. It would make a huge difference!