Has anyone seen a Rolls in town recently?


Two rappers, two Rolls: “Look – is that Greenwich over there?

I was thinking (always a dangerous thing to do)  and realized that I haven’t seen a Bentley or a Rolls Royce in town in ages, and wondered if that wasn’t as much a sign of the change of demographics here as the collapse of the mock-Tudor home market. Ferraris and McLarens abound, and Teslas at the extreme low end, but I don’t see any Rolls, even ones without chauffeurs.

Did the blue haired set take their cars with them when they tootled off to Florida? Have the young tigers who’ve taken their place lost their taste for Grandmother’s cars as well as her brown furniture? I’m betting they have. All I know is that the last Rolls Royce I heard of crossing our border was one belonging to 50 Cent, who came up John Street a decade or so ago looking at real estate. One of that street’s very wealthy residents (and a Democrat, I might add) called the broker of the house Mr. 50 Cent was visiting and that put an end to that gambit.

But ol’ 50 Cent’s bankrupt now, and probably not driving that car unless he’s being paid by someone else to do it, and I don’t see that anyone’s taken his place.

Tootsie roll

Tootsie Rolls?


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28 responses to “Has anyone seen a Rolls in town recently?

  1. Anonymous

    My Bentley is here downtown. Drive in daily from Bedford. Would never live here of course, too overcrowded

  2. Anonymous

    I live and work in 06830 and must see a Bentley or Rolls nearly every day, and at least several times per week, on my 2 mile commute. You should leave Riverside more often.

  3. Cos Cobber

    In Cos Cob, we mostly use Vespa scooters and old Fiats…the Rolls is only something on the tv.

  4. MikeDofCT

    Gas is cheap, owners prolly jettin’ around attending global warming charity events while the land yacht sits.

    on a serious note, agreed, sightings are down for me too.

  5. desidog

    50 lost a lot of wampum on that manse in Farmington. I think every owner of that place declared bankruptcy…coincidence?

    It’s tough to take a drive and not see a Tesla these days.

  6. Does Port Chester count?

  7. Cobra

    I see at least one Bentley Continental, coupe or convertible, cruising around “tony Greenwich” just about every day. Rollers less often. Saw a Maybach parked (poorly) at Citarella’s today.

    • There are a few Bentleys around, but often they’re driven by visitors like Bill Raveis, who drops in from time to time to watch his money. The last resident I knew who drove one was Rene Anselmo, but he’s been dead what, 15 years? Funny story about that car: Rene had walked down to town from his North Street home and, while on Railroad Avenue, he decided he was too tired to walk back.Spying the Rolls/Bentley dealership across the way (it was Millers, wasn’t it?) walked in, dressed in his purple sweatsuit outfit, selected a Bentley convertible and asked if they’d take his check. Assured that they would, he pulled his checkbook from his sweat’s (and sweaty) waistband, and drove home. He was one cool guy, and incredibly generous towards everyone in town.

      Okay, one more Rene story – he was driving that same Bentley to the dump one Saturday and passed the old Hamilton Avenue school and noticed its crummy playground equipment. Within a week, the town had $750,000 (I think it was that sum – a whole lot, anyway) to buy new equipment. He did things like that, all the time, without publicity.

      • GPD Folk

        Or the time Rene drove by the Bruce Park Lawn Bowling Green and saw it surrounded by an ugly, rusted chain link fence. He ordered a crew to immediately dismantle the old fence and replace it with a new white pick it fence. Of course the Town went bonkers screaming that he had no right to do this, etc., etc., Frank Keegan the Parks & Rec Commish at the time said in the paper. If Mr. Anselmo wants to spend his money tell him to give me a call …I’ve got plenty of stuff he can do!

        • Or how about, when the chain realtors first appeared in town and started sticking up “for sale” signs. Rene objected, and took to driving around town, plucking the signs out of the ground (actually, I think he brought his gardener along for the heavy work), and bringing them home in his Bentley (top down), where he’d call the realtor firm in question and tell them where they could retrieve it.

          One day a cop appeared at the door and apologetically explained that he had to arrest him, again. “Of course, Rene said, but [his wife] Mary’s just made lunch – come in and eat!”. So they dined together then went downtown.

          Rene eventually won out (assistant states attorney Steve Weiss refused to prosecute him) and Greenwich passed its anti-sign ordinance we have today.

  8. dogwalker

    There are Bentleys around (they just don’t look that distinctive any longer), but, true, I haven’t seen a Rolls in years and years.

    • Stab/Twist & Repeat.🔪☠⚔💣

      3 of my clients have RR’s
      Two are swapping Ferrari’s this summer: Miller Motors moves 30 prancing horses in town alone. (New 7 year warranty on all F bombs)
      Teslas are in the same garages,
      And there are Bentleys everywhere.!
      Maserati is making a move (to Summit Road aka Argentina North)
      CF-you’ve gotta get out more,
      Tons of toys @ the country clubs.
      Saturday afternoons @ Stanwich, RH, GCC, & Fairview
      Not so much @ Tamarack, Burning Tree(soggy), Innis, or Milbrook…
      And the wives all drive Cayennes and Bend her over the Range Rover’s
      Your welcome.

      • anonymous

        You are a silly goose. Enjoy your hotrodding for now. If your girl Hillary gets elected you can expect the Muslim invasion to really shift into high gear. They will throw you off a building!

        • Stab/Twist & Repeat.🔪☠⚔💣

          Hillary?? Huh?!
          I’m playing @ Trump National this afternoon silly rabbit.

  9. xyzzy

    The person who once bought a Bentley now buys a Tesla.

    • Anonymous

      Totally different demographics — $80k car vs $250k+ car is like a $2m house vs a $10m house. OG vs Belle Haven. Etc. No real overlap. Tesla is a new and exciting alternative to a 5-series.

    • Has the banking industry really been hit that hard?

    • Stab/Twist & Repeat.🔪☠⚔💣

      The person who once bought a Bentley still has it, and also leases a tesla.
      CHEAP MONEY izzy
      BACK UP THE TRUCK!!, 💰💰🚚🚚💰💰

  10. Saw one of these pigs on the Ave about a week ago. Ugly

  11. Anon

    There are a couple of nice ones in the Pray car museum on North St.

  12. Anonymous

    the reason there are fewer of them is because they’ve gotten seriously beat down with an ugly stick.

    they’re just show-off vehicles for rap stars or middle eastern playboys. oh yes, the gt’s are driven by the car-rich but asset-poor, i.e., they’re the nissan sentra of newport beach.

  13. Riverside Pheasant

    As a changer of demographics, I will say – I spent enough on my house. I drive a Nissan so I don’t cry when my kids trash it. Mr. Pheasant has an ancient Korean station car with four wheels, a functional engine and not much else. We have better things to spend money on than fancy cars we don’t have time to drive.

    In my fellow young(ish) parents, I do see plenty of Porsches, but that’s about as high end as it gets. To see a Bentley or a Rolls I’d have to be significantly closer to Greenwich Avenue. It will be interesting to see how some of the highest-end luxury brands do as my generation starts to age. Personally I’ve never seen the appeal of super-expensive cars in such a dense area with such crowded roads. Why buy something you’ll have a hard time enjoying?

  14. uminn65

    How about Judge Judy? Powder blue one.

  15. The Box in "Byram"

    OT, but I have to rant.

    The McLaren dealership and their clientele are giant douche bags. Every nice Saturday they take test drives on Weaver Street and gun the engines at every stop sign. Besides being ridiculously loud, they hit 65+ mph in seconds and fly up and down the residential streets at ludicrous speeds. It’s incredibly dangerous, one jag weed almost took out my dog and I last year. My neighbors and I have complained to the town but they don’t give a flying *$&@.

    And it’s 90% McLaren. I see lots of Ferraris, Porsches and Maseratis on test drives, but they all seem to acknowledge that this is a residential area not the Mulsanne Straight – but when you hear a car fly by at close to triple digit speeds you can be sure it’s an asshat in a bright orange McLaren.