Price cut on Stag Lane

26 Stag

26 Stag Lane

26 Stag Lane, after 444 days on the market priced at $3.995, has dropped $455,000, and can now be yours for $3.495. In another location, that’d be a fine price, but probably not here.

The house itself is pretty grand. It was built by the good Richard Harris (there were two – the bad one went belly-up and returned to Canada) and though it had a hard time finding a buyer, it eventually sold for $4.250 in 2007. That was a dumb price, for the buyer, as was shown when they couldn’t resell it in time to avoid foreclosure in 2012. The new owner/lender sold it to the current owners for $2.6 million in 2013 and they, in turn, spent a great deal of money bringing it back to its original condition and even surpassing it.

But that still left the house where it is, which is down a narrow, very steep, shared driveway, within earshot of the Merritt Parkway. The noise is not oppressive, but it’s there, and no one likes driveways like this one. And Stag Lane just doesn’t command a high price.

So will $3.495 do it? I have my doubts.


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5 responses to “Price cut on Stag Lane

  1. Anonymous

    Still less than $3m value

  2. Anonymous

    I think $2.85 is the number

  3. Anonymous

    How did they manage to make a 6,700sf house look so small?