Stay of execution for the computer, briefly

Just in time for a final real estate item today, then off to backup-blackout for a bit.

185 Riverside Avenue has cut its price to $4.495 million, which, finally seems like a reasonable price. The original price 783 days ago was $6.875 million, a breathtakingly stupid sum – even Riverside buyers can compare values and figure out what’s laughable and what’s not.

This is a beautiful older home, restored and brought into modern times (sort of – they grafted a new portion onto the old, with mixed results) , on a great yard in a really convenient location. The only thing wrong with it has been its price, and that now seems to have been addressed. The original broker did these owners no favor by coming up with her estimate of value.

185 Riverside Ave

185 Riverside Avenue



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11 responses to “Stay of execution for the computer, briefly

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful house in an okay location, though as the need to virtually stage the kitchen proves, some questionable finishes which, given the lack of any bathroom photos, I suspect are throughout.

  2. anon

    One photo has white kitchen cabinets. The others a maple or dark wood. Which is it?

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah it is pretty medieval right. You make Chris seem pretty chill these days 😄

  4. You look, you leave to go pop some popcorn, come back and it’s gone : /

  5. Riverside

    This is a beautiful house but does need some work (maybe $500K to fix all). But it has the potential to be a showplace (at the right price). Probably all-in price should be $4.5M, which implies it is still too high.

  6. Anonymous

    This house looks very nice from the photos (qualification) and at this price looks like a bargain relative to some of the other prices paid for a lot less in the area. $500 /SF in riverside is a deal!

  7. Anonymous

    A lot of people on this forum were going crazy for a nicely decorated yet dysfunctional house with a little hockey rink the basement for close to $1000/SF – do any of you know the value of real estate?