We may be a billion or so short, but in Hartford, there’s always money for the essentials

Believe me I've looked, and there's just no better way to spend your money - trust me.

Believe me I’ve looked, and there’s just no better way to spend your money – trust me.

Democrats approve $250,000 for bronze bust of a deceased basketball coach

I’ve never heard of the gentleman in question, one Don Hurley, but let’s concede that he was a wonderful man and did a lot of good for the underprivileged in Hartford. That still leaves the question: would any of the legislators who approved this expenditure spend their own money on a statue of the man? The fact that there has been, until now, no such monument answers sufficiently – they would not. Would you? Of course not. But in government, it is considered entirely appropriate to take other people’s money and spend it on something they neither want nor need, in order to appease politicians’ friends and supporters.

Such is government spending.


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9 responses to “We may be a billion or so short, but in Hartford, there’s always money for the essentials

  1. Cos Cobber

    Other states would find a way for a private benefactor to fund such a statue.

  2. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    $250K for a Bronze bust….. What, is it two stories tall?

  3. CF,

    If you read the full article they mention other requests for these state grants that go to funding all sorts of things. These state grants are simply small rebates of state taxes back to the towns and cities. This is just misspent money that is endemic in the state. I live in, by today’s standards (low I will admit) a fiscally aware town that tends to run a relatively tight ship EXCEPT when all manner of idiotic “economic development” projects come to the table. Regardless of party, the town officials and the state reps have their faces in the Hartford trough to get a grant to pay for something that the local town peeps would vote down in a heartbeat and do nothing for economic development. I am tired of beating up the locals on this issue because they don’t seem to get it, but given the recent budget cycle in Hartford where aid to local cities and towns including education were cut, it is possible that the light bulb, dim as it is, might just be starting to flicker to life.

    As for Hartford (the City of) they can’t even get the baseball park completed to host the AA team that is being moved from New Britain. Again another “economic development” project, not. A distraction for the soon to be declared bankrupt capital city of an insolvent state.


  4. At least they did not insult dude by accepting a grant from Hillary Fraudation.

  5. Anonymous

    Doc would have wanted the money to go the scholarship fund – to replace the money that his no-good daughter had taken to spend at Victoria’s Secret.

  6. Anonymous

    From the article, “other urban development projects….a Puerto Rican regiment in the United States Army”

    How is that urban development or a CT state issue? Doesn’t the Army have their own funding? And how is this segregation at all PC? So f’d up…