Down, but not out

A WordPress update and “improvement” failed miserably (thank you, experts at WordPress” and at least for now, their gnomes in India have thrown up their arm and surrendered. There’s some hope hat someone who knows what he’s doing will report for duty Monday and get things going. If, that is, I trust them to even try. For now, they’ve restored, I hope, what I had before they started. This is more or less a test post, just to see if it goes up.

I’m pretty much suck of digital adventures by now, so I’ll see you all tomorrow.


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12 responses to “Down, but not out

  1. Anonymous

    The Indian ‘Gnomes’ have a better shot than the Filipinos of resolving. The Midwestern MILFs who do tech support in between cam shows not so much. Equally baffled by language skills across the spectrum.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t upgrade.

  2. Cobra

    Glad you’re back!

  3. Anonymous Too

    Wonder what happened. Thought it was my computer malfunctioning. Glad the techies in India are to blame.

  4. Anonymous

    I called Frank to track you down….I was worried. Glad you are ok!

  5. Anonymous

    I panicked this morning. Thought you had been censored by the PC police now governing Twitter and Facebook.

    • Four out of five smart FWIW readers were NOT worried because they also read EOS where I kept them apprised of the situation. So there.

      I am shocked that you, a WASP, aren’t aware of the WASP Rule Handbook where it is clearly stated, Rule #1, Thou Shalt Never Change.

      • Anonymous

        EOS: Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to ask, but how do I (with limited technical skills) get to participate in your blog? Your Biggest Fan (aka Oldtimer)

        • Old Timer: All you have to do is click the EOSredux name in my comment, OR, click the link Chris has provided to me on his blog roll. It will magically transport you to my blog. Warning: I am in a bit of a blog slump, topics have been boring lately and don’t have the FWIW huge fan base but we do have fun. Would love you to join in.

  6. Not Saying
    Speaking of WASP’s —
    Here is a book about them, so you can study up!

    • anonymous

      They don’t really matter anymore. You need to do a little reading on another group if you would like to learn about your new overlords.

  7. Not Saying