• Mountain Works, Ferdinand Steyer , Greenwich. (203) 216-3329
  • Here’s a typical recommendation:
  • Dear Christopher,I wanted to thank you for recommending Ferdinand of Mountain Works. We hired him because of the good reviews we found in your blog and we couldn’t have made a better choice.We bought a house in Old Greenwich in December 2010 and he started an extensive renovation right away in a record time, taking care of getting all the necessary permits. We can describe him not only as an excellent and reliable contractor but also as a very organized manager for big projects. We remodelled three bathrooms, changed the layout of an entire floor with a great job in framing, new staircase, new windows, redirect some of the AC ducts andcentral vacuum, put a new insulation, new lighting, hardwood floors, molding, painting and all the extra work that a big project involves. He was always on top of everything taking care of every detail regardless how hard he had to work. Also, the quality of the job from the subcontractors he hired contributed to make this process fast and smooth. He passed 8 different inspections in record time.As a person, he was very kind, patient, honest and reliable. In the beginning when I was choosing materials, I used to call him more than 6 times a day and he was always in a good mood giving me the best advice. And when we were making some decisions, he used to say to me “just tell me what you want, I just want to make you happy”.We are so happy with his job and that is why I wanted to thank you for recommending Ferdinand.

    Best, [JM}

  • Greenwich Construction Louis Van Leeuwen 223-0634 greenwich construction. They also install and maintain Generac generators, at very cometitive prices. Highly recommended.
  • Oliveira Carpentry, Al Oliveira (914)273-7316
  • White Birch Builders (203) 531 – 0300
  • Ken Bacco. A reader says, “One of the best builders around. He doesn’t do spec stuff, as far as I know, but he did work on my house and I’ve been in a few of the other houses he has built and they are all amazing. He does great work and stands behind it forever.”

York Development. This firm used to have a good reputation but I have been hearing horror stories about them lately and can no longer recommend them. I don’t know what happened in their management, but something has changed for the worse. Avoid.