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Former First Selectman Tom Ragland is moving

His home at 2 Spring Street, Riverside, just came on, asking $2.395. No pictures posted yet but it’s always been a very pretty house and looks extremely well maintained. I always thought more of his house than I did his services and talents as our First Selectman, but when he and another First Selectman, the late Bill Lewis (whom I greatly admired) both lived on Spring, there was one street in Riverside you could count on being plowed, no matter how large or unexpected the storm. That was before Cos Cobbers reclaimed the town government, of course, and the decline began.


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See if you can spot the one Republican town in this list of Democrat funding

Man, Greenwich is so screwed!

Man, Greenwich is so screwed!

Dan Malloy and the Democrat kleptocracy have announced the divvying up of loot seized from the productive citizens, and here’s the breakdown:

The first round winners include Bridgeport, receiving $1 million, second only to Hartford, which is receiving $1.5 million. Other area recipients include Danbury, $55,401; Derby, $267,873, Greenwich, $1,918; Norwalk, $29, 305, Shelton, $168,537; Stamford, $136,537; Stratford, $135,334 and Westport, $261,083.

I checked on Westport just to make sure and yes, Westport is a “Democratic Stronghold”.

Which leaves just us holding the shitty end of the stick.


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