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BOE candidates finally reveal their opinions on redistricting and challenging the state’s racial laws

All seem to agree that massive redistricting shouldn’t happen; there’s more disagreement on mounting a legal challenge to the concept of race-based redistricting that Hartford seeks to impose.

I thought this quote from Brian Paldunas, responding to  question about magnet schools, was pretty good (which of course, just means I agree with him – maybe we’re both idiots):

I’m fully supportive of a magnet school focusing on math and science at the elementary level. I would not be supportive of a technology/engineering focus, and that’s coming from a chemical engineer. I think in order to address our achievement gap, within the district and our gap to comparable districts, we need to focus on the basics, and to me engineering and technology are not basics. You need to focus on arithmetic, science and core language arts.


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Elizabeth Warren must be bursting with pride over her granddaughter’s triumph


Isn't that your limo she's stealing?

Isn’t that your limo she’s stealing?

Indian wins Miss America contest. Sweet.


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The honeymoon is over

Wasn’t it just this weekend that Barry and his grown-up lover Vladimir were taking sunset horseback rides in the mountains?

Today, a man with an AR-15 (illegal in D.C.) used ammunition (illegal in D.C.) to shoot at least ten people (illegal in D.C.)  in the Navy Yard. The Ruskie’s response? This tweet, from Russia’s parliamentary foreign affairs chief Alexey Pushkov.

“A new shootout at Navy headquarters in Washington – a lone gunman and 7 corpses. Nobody’s even surprised anymore. A clear confirmation of American exceptionalism.’”



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From Camp David



September 16, 2013 · 12:04 pm

Gun safety

We'll just call the CDC, thank you

We’ll just call the CDC, thank you

Pregnant woman didn’t want a gun in her house, until she did.

A Texas man’s pregnant wife made it clear she was against having a firearm in their house. However, the husband insisted she learn how to use a gun to protect herself just in case. In fact, it was just a few months ago that he took her out to teach her the basics.

The pregnant woman, identified only as “Alex,” told KGBT-TV that she was startled by the sound of a man banging loudly on her front door while another man walked around to the back of her Palmview, Texas, home. Her husband had just left 20 minutes before.

“I’m a young woman, I’m pregnant, I’m home alone. I’m not going to answer the door – I mean, I know better,” she recalled.

Sensing something was very wrong, the pregnant woman retrieved her husband’s handgun for protection. With one hand on the firearm and the other dialing 911, one of the men broke into the house.

“Oh my gosh, he broke in!” the woman told the operator.

She remembered what her husband told her while practicing shooting just months before: “When you’re in a situation like that- you’re not going to think twice.”

He was right.

When the two men realized the woman was armed, they took off towards their truck. Alex’s “adrenaline kicked in” and she shot once at the vehicle. She said she was not aiming to shoot the men, but rather at the truck to both scare the burglars and provide police an identifying marker that might help them track it down.

Palmview Police and SWAT eventually tracked down the suspects, brothers Lucas and Jesus Ortiz, who had barricaded themselves inside a different home. Authorities blocked off the area and negotiated with the two men, ultimately arresting them.

“Palmview Police say Lucas and Jesus Ortiz were high on unknown drugs at the time of the burglary and that they are still not being cooperative with the investigation,” KGBT-TV reports.


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Well then how do they know guns should be banned?

Mayor Mike and his six armed bodyguards arrive at Mayors Against Guns press conference

Mayor Mike and his six armed bodyguards arrive at Mayors Against Guns press conference

The editors of Michaels Bloomberg’s News despair at rural rednecks’ recall of “sensible” Coloradoan politicians over gun confiscation laws they pushed through, and blames to result on the lack of data detailing the ill effects of guns.

Gun reform advocates …  lack a sufficient body of research on the relationship between guns and public safety. This makes it more difficult to articulate a compelling case.

The paucity of research is no accident. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other government researchers have been thwarted by a heavy-handed legislative directive that prohibits funding to “advocate or promote gun control.” President Barack Obama has sought to mitigate the damage through executive action, but it’s Congress that controls the nation’s purse.

Research won’t resolve the rural versus urban or individualism versus communitarian conflicts that predate the republic. But it will put the old debates on newer, more solid ground. Given the deep animosity of the National Rifle Association to credible research, proponents of sensible gun regulation can distinguish themselves by pushing for more and better research on the health and safety effects of guns.

Let the research show what it will. And then fashion the arguments accordingly.

These genius “journalists” fashioned their argument against guns long ago; now they admit they don’t have the data to support their argument? Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s made up.

Put another way, wise eastern liberals already “know” that guns in the hands of civilians are too dangerous to be tolerated, they just some need some data to support what they have already intuited. Because, you know, liberals are sensible and nuanced.


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Things fall apart; The centre will not hold


Vladimir will save us!

Vladimir will save us!

Vermin infestation in White House

Possum infestation evicts Australia’s PM


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This would explain Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu

I don't get it

I don’t get it

Brain-eating amoeba found in Louisiana water system.

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It was always thus


Greenwich Republican/Democrat song book

Greenwich Republican/Democrat song book

Greenwich Time, 1913:

Sept. 19, 1913: The Republicans held a caucus, called by some a primary this week, at which there was no friction for the reason probably that nothing was said and a printed ticket to vote was handed out to all who came to the polls. Of course, one could vote for anybody else other than for those on the ticket that was printed. “But what good would that do,” said a prominent Republican when asked how he voted. “I had to vote that ticket or I might as well not have gone to the polls at all.”



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10th Grade literature as recommended by Common Core

Dreaming-in-Cuban“Hugo and Felicia stripped in their room, dissolving easily into one another, and made love against the whitewashed walls. Hugo bit Felicia’s breast and left purplish bands of bruises on her upper thighs. He knelt before her in the tub and massaged black Spanish soap between her legs. He entered her repeatedly from behind.

“Felicia learned what pleased him. She tied his arms above his head with their underclothing and slapping him sharply when he asked.

“‘You’re my bitch,’” Hugo said, groaning.

“In the morning he left, promising to return in the summer.”

Required reading for all 10th graders in Sierra Vista Arizona – in fact, students were required to read this particular passage aloud, in class.  Well after all, it’s a National Book Award finalist.

(Now pulled from the curriculum at this particular high school, it remains on the national Core Curriculum recommended list).


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Isn’t it against the law to threaten someone?

Buick City Plant, Flint, MI

Buick City Plant, Flint, MI

UAW moves to unionize southern auto plants. “We’ll do to you what we did to Detroit” doesn’t seem like much of a deal, but if the UAW is serious, its leaders should be arrested for making terrorist threats.


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Democrats prepare to renew their assault on Greenwich

Yo, Greenwich: what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine-you got a problem with that?

Yo, Greenwich: what’s yours is ours and what’s ours is ours – you got a problem with that?

Regional taxation is coming back. This time under the guise of eliminating local property taxes on motor vehicles. That sounds good, but check the justification for the move offered by Connecticut’s House Speaker, Brendan Sharkey [no kidding]:

House Speaker Brendan Sharkey, D-Hamden, this week said a committee charged with studying regional efficiency will again look for ways to eliminate the car tax and to reimburse towns and cities for lost revenue.

“The [Regional Opportunities and Regional Efficiencies]  commission will spend a considerable amount of time working on how we can phase out the motor vehicle tax,”

“Everyone recognizes it is the most regressive tax,” Sharkey said. “We have to make towns and cities whole and reduce or eliminate that tax.”

When a Democrat has “regressive” on his lips, he’s got lust and higher taxes in his mind.

Just last month we discussed this new commission and what it was being set up to do:  Republicans saw in it the beginning of the reimposition of a county system of government, giving Hartford the power to redistribute tax revenue, create regional, cross-border school systems and in general, reshape Connecticut as Hartford, rather than local towns, saw fit.

Reached at his villa in Mustique, just purchased from Walter Noel for $67 million, Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei saw cause for alarm, and told FWIW:

“It could happen this year or next year, but I think there is going to be a major play to redistribute resources,” Greenwich First Selectman Peter Teseisaid. “There is no doubt this is the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent. And looking at how poorly Connecticut is doing financially, and the debt burden and taxes in certain communities, the Legislature and governor are going to look to for alternate means to feed the beast.”

Tesei said is unclear how a reorganized planning group might operate, but he said such consolidations can be accompanied by funding formulas that distribute resources based on population. Language accompanying the legislation suggests regions could assume area-wide responsibility for social services, housing, education, and public safety functions in the future, Tesei said.

“In a way, it is a masking of an alternate ways to tax people. They’ve already maxed out state taxes and that’s why the economy is so bad. They’ve beaten that horse down, so they get on another one.”

Redistributing (read, “denying wealthier towns) federal transportation money was the first step. Taking away property taxes from municipalities and “reimbursing” them from Hartford, which, always, means collecting money from the rich and giving to the poor, is next. If Bridgeport loses the revenue it collects from its car tax, where will the money to make up that loss come from, higher taxes on Bridgeport’s residents or on Greenwich’s?  You get just one guess.

Schools and hospitals are next.



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Say, here’s a poser, who do Hartford Democrats represent, workers or their union bosses?

Malloy charms his employers

Malloy charms his employers

Now that Wisconsin’s educators have been given the right to choose whether or not to belong to a labor union, the unions are struggling to attract enough members to stay afloat. Proving all along that the union leaders didn’t really represent their members, as much as sponge off of them.

Under a provision of Act 10, public employee unions are required to file for annual re-certification by August 30 if they wish to remain a recognized bargaining unit. Thursday Afternoon, Mark Belling broke the news that only 37 percent of the teachers in the Kenosha Unified School District voted to reauthorize the union in a recent vote.
So, in the end, it wasn’t just the mean old Republican lawmakers who had issues with teachers’ unions. Teachers themselves were/are dissatisfied with the union’s strong arm tactics.
As it turns out, Act 10 was the largest anti-bullying initiative in the nation. Who knew?
What’ the difference between Wisconsin and Connecticut? The latter is still controlled by democrats and their union bosses.


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Putin and American liberalism; same thing


University of Chicago students for Putin

University of Chicago students for Putin

Why the outrage over a KBGF chief mouthing what liberals have long believed?

James Piereson:

Where have we heard Mr. Putin’s principles before? They are in fact basic articles of faith among American liberals who have been saying for decades that the U.S. should not use military force without United Nations authorization, we should not intervene in civil wars abroad, and the idea of American exceptionalism is a myth used to cover up crimes against women and minorities at home and the poor and oppressed abroad.

Barack Obama at one time or another has expressed support for all three of Mr. Putin’s principles. During the 2008 presidential campaign, he said that the intervention in Iraq was illegal because it was not authorized by the United Nations. In 2009, when asked about American exceptionalism, President Obama said, “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” In other words, we are all exceptional alike, just as Mr. Putin said.

Today, as the debate goes on, every major college and university in the nation is offering courses in multiculturalism and American studies that attack the concept of American exceptionalism as an exercise in national hubris. The idea that America is an exceptional nation developed soon after the Revolution when members of the founding generation pointed out that the United States was the first nation to be created anew on the basis of the universal principles of liberty and equality. It was “the first new nation,” and a model for others to follow and to emulate. Yet on American campuses today this idea is denounced as a fraud because, despite the rhetoric, the nation’s governing classes have condoned slavery, racial bigotry, and ethnic prejudice. The academic field of American studies devoted to a systematic attack on the ideal of American exceptionalism as a justification for white privilege and American power abroad. They prefer the ideal of diversity to that of a culture of “exceptionalism.” Liberals and leftists attacked the Iraq war because they denied that the United States had the right or the capacity to export its institutions abroad. This has been an article of faith among liberals and leftists since the era of the Vietnam war.

It would be a good thing if American liberals, in their zeal to defend a liberal president, would in fact shelve for good their doctrines about diversity, multiculturalism, and American imperialism. But their attacks on Mr. Putin will undoubtedly prove to be but a momentary lapse in their ideological campaign to re-make the United States into a multi-cultural utopia. At some point in the future, probably when a Republican next occupies the White House, they will dust off Mr. Putin’s principles and put them into play once more.


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Just sayin’

For those readers who complain that it’s no one’s business how Peter Tesei might be paying his mortgage, another reader sends along this from the Town of Greenwich Code of Ethics:

  1. Gifts and Favors: Town Officers and members of their immediate family, including spouses, children, parents, grandparents, siblings and in-laws, are prohibited from accepting any valuable gift, favor, loan, promise or other thing which might tend to influence the performance of their official duties.
  2. Improper Influence: Town Officers are also prohibited from voting on or attempting to influence any Town transaction or action in which he or she has a substantial interest.
  3. Annual Disclosure: Each Town Officer is responsible to make an annual filing disclosing any interest that they have had during the preceding year in any transaction with the Town.


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Peter Tesei and creative financing

Your Countrywide banker: he understands!

Your Countrywide banker: he understands!

Dear Peter:

Way back on April, 24, 2012, I questioned how you could afford to buy a new house on 11 Indian Pass Road (in a private sale) for $1.245 million and take on a $998,000 mortgage from Luxury Mortgage, while still owing $500,000 on your unsold condominium at 78 River Road. You never answered.

Since then, your River Road condo, which you purchased for $800,000 in 2005, was sold (July 13, 2012), for $805,000. This presumably paid off the $507,785 mortgage on the place, but still left you with that million-dollar mortgage on the new one. I’m puzzled.

Your salary is $126,400, or $10,500 per month. Assuming a combined state and federal tax rate of 30%, that nets out to $7,350 per month, out of which you must pay the mortgage ($4,481, at 3.5%) and taxes ($706.50), which in turn leaves $2,162.50 to pay the insurance, utilities, maintenance on the house, and feed and clothe your family. What a financial wizard you must be, to accomplish all that – if only you would do the same thing for our town!

That salary of $126,400 means, according to this calculator, that you can afford no more than a $464,000 home*. Who at Luxury Mortgage approved you for a $1 million loan at all, let alone a mortgage in that amount when you  still owed $500,000 on the condominium? Name, please?

Was there a guarantor on your note? Do you have other assets to secure what is, in effect, a no-doc loan? Did your friends in town pitch in to help out? Which friends?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Christopher C. Fountain

UPDATE: Someone who’s seen the terms of the loan says it’s a conventional mortgage, not interest-only, mthly payment around $5,000. Plus, of course, taxes and insurance etc.


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Is Peter Tesei actually speaking about this blog?

Peter Tesi: Village Idiot demoted to First Selectman

Peter Tesei: Village Idiot demoted to First Selectman

Apparently so. Here’s Little Lord Milquetoast speaking at last night’s BOE meeting about causes for the suicide of 15-year-old Bryan Paloscz:

“I think our media locally has been irresponsible…when you provide a platform for adults to make anonymous comments…you fuel a behavior that is deemed acceptable. In a sick sort of way people get off on it because they get, ‘Well, I can say what I want but I don’t have to say who I am.’ They say things that are inflammatory, inaccurate, and they are allowed to get away with it...I’m all for freedom of speech, but I think freedom of speech means you have to know who is saying what. Anonymity is cowardice and I think bullies are cowards...I would call upon the local media outlets, Hearst and all the others…to cease that practice.”

So far as I know, Greenwich Time doesn’t print anonymous letters, so that rules them out, and if there are other blogs in town saying mean things about Peter, I’m unaware of them so gosh, I guess that leaves me. I’m honored and pleased that Peter finds me annoying, but I’m not following the connection between anonymous adults speaking harshly about our local incompetent politicians and a poor tortured teen putting a shotgun muzzle in his mouth. As Walt points out, teens aren’t big readers of this blog, and even then, would anyone, teen or adult, kill himself because he learned what a silly, helpless moron Peter Tesei is? I think not.

Peter Tesei is as much a logician as he is a constitutional scholar: “all anonymous commenters are cowards, bullies are cowards, therefore all anonymous commenters are bullies ? That doesn’t  pass muster, not even at Peter’s alma mater, Eagle Hill. And no, Peter, the rights of individuals recognized by our First Amendment are not contingent upon a speaker identifying himself to the authorities, just as our Second Amendment rights don’t depend on permission from you or Drew Marzullo. Our constitution recognizes and protects rights we are born with as free individuals – it is not a schedule of privileges bestowed upon us by the likes of pond scum like you.

“Allowed to get away with it” – you silly, stupid man. This should be a  fun election.


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Sales activity

Sale and a price cut

9 Dingletown Rd

9 Dingletown Rd

9 Dingletown Road sold for $4.625 million. I suspect the sellers were disappointed with the price they got because they paid $4.3 million for it new in 2004 and put more money in, including a pool, landscaping and various interior improvements. They relisted it for $6.250 million in 2009 and if that was anywhere close to what they hoped to get, then $4.625 was quite a comedown.

1 Reynwood Manor

1 Reynwood Manor

One Reynwood Manor has taken another price cut and is now down to $3.9 million from its starting price of $4.5. Four acres and a 1981 house that, if someone still shares the taste of these owners, will be an asset. Otherwise, it’s four good acres of lawn. And a pool.


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The triumph of diplomacy

It's just another day at the beach for Barry and John

It’s just another day at the beach for Barry and John

Elite unit scattering chemical weapons in Syria

A secretive Syrian military unit at the center of the Assad regime’s chemical weapons program has been moving stocks of poison gases and munitions to as many as 50 sites to make them harder for the U.S. to track, according to American and Middle Eastern officials.

“OOOH, does that make me angwy”, Mr. Smart Diplomacy said this morning, “and if I hadn’t already declared this issue solved and shifted my laser-like focus back to economy, I’d probably be drawing more red lines right now!

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From the Last Lion to the cowardly one – the decline continues

Ooooh, don't make them angy!

Ooooh, don’t make them angy!

Greenwich school board to ask Hartford if we really, really have to shift our school kids around to achieve a more balanced color palette. 

Board of Education members moved resoundingly Thursday night to draft a letter to state Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor asking whether the school district’s two racially unbalanced schools might qualify for an exemption from having to submit a plan to address that disparity.

A state racial-balance mandate requires action from the district to address unbalanced student populations at Hamilton Avenue and New Lebanon schools. Those two schools are designated by the stateDepartment of Education as unbalanced because their minority student populations top the district’s minority average by more than 25 percentage points. Developing a plan to close that disparity has dominated the board’s agenda in the last few months.

In recent weeks, however, board members Peter Sherr and Peter von Braun and a number of parents have argued that Hamilton Avenue and New Lebanon meet the Department of Education’s “unique” school definition, which is outlined in the regulations of the racial balance mandate. They assert that those regulations exempt unique schools from having to comply with the racial-balance mandate.

Board member Steven Anderson made a motion Thursday for the board to submit a letter to Pryor informing him that the district believes New Lebanon and Hamilton Avenue to be unique and asking him to “verify” that they meet that designation and are therefore not required to submit a racial-balance plan.

“It is an answer that we need to get, rather than to keep tossing it around as a possible solution,” Anderson said. “It’s time to call the question.”

Sherr agreed with the intent of the letter, but advocated for a different strategy.

“I believe we are in compliance because we have magnet schools, and I believe we should put the onus on the state in terms of our compliance,” he said.

Leslie Moriarty, the board’s chairman, argued against Sherr’s preferred approach.

“We’re going to ask the state for a view — I think it should be a question, not an assertion,” she said. “I don’t believe we should go forward and assert this, because then we’re basically throwing down the gauntlet saying, `This is how we’re going forward.’ “

While acknowledging that he did not think New Lebanon and Hamilton Avenue were unique schools, Anderson continued to push for support of his motion.

“I think we need an answer to this question,” he added. “It’s way past time to get a `yes’ or `no’ and then figure out our next step.”

Profile in Courage

In one apparent compromise, Anderson agreed to modify his motion to ask Moriarty to “promptly” submit a letter to Pryor to “clarify” that, per state regulations, Hamilton Avenue and New Lebanon are unique schools. The letter would also ask the commissioner to “promptly” submit his opinion.

Tar, feathers.


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