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Funny enough, I just posted a reply to a commenter in which I mentioned Mr. Chamberlin

Bill Whittle’s back with another great essay. He’s been reading William Manchester’s three-part biography of Churchill, “The Last Lion”, I’m currently reading Churchill’s own “The Gathering Storm”. We’re on the same page.


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I hope that I shall never see, Muslim toe jam in a tree; In fact, unless the towers fall, I’ll never see a tree at all

An Ode to Allah, by Henry Gibson

An Ode to Allah, by Henry Gibson

Different sentiments, of course, if the stuff  landed there with the assistance of a little C-4.

Concord, Massachusetts: principal eschews reading Pledge of Allegiance at 9/11 memorial assembly, does find time for Muslim toe-tapper. Although its students wouldn’t know this, Concord Massachusetts played an important role in the opening battle of the American War against negroes colored people blacks African-Americans people of color and redskins, Indians, Native Americans, circa 1775.

A Concord-Carlisle School Committee member is defending a high school principal who read a Muslim poem on Wednesday’s 9/11 anniversary — but failed to line up anyone to recite the pledge of allegiance that morning.

The poem, “My Grandmother Washes Her Feet in the Sink of the Bathroom at Sears” by Syrian poet Mohja Kahfe

“I’m disappointed at the reaction that some of my community,” said School Committee member Philip Benincasa. “I think what the principal was doing was an attempt to offer young people a glimpse of what binds us together as people. This was an attack carried out by extremists, not by a religious group that is as peace loving and valued member of our community, our culture, and our world as any other.”

The poem reads in part:

“Respectable Sears matrons shake their heads and frown

as they notice what my grandmother is doing,

an affront to American porcelain, a contamination of American Standards

by something foreign and unhygienic…

They fluster about and flutter and I can see

a clash of civlizations brewing in the Sears bathroom.”

“‘You can’t do that,’ one of the women protests,

turning to me, ‘Tell her she can’t do that.’

‘We wash our feet five times a day,’

my grandmother declares hotly in Arabic.

‘My feet are cleaner than their sink.

Worried about their sink, are they? I

should worry about my feet!’


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Frost on the pumpkin, not

Now do you believe?

Now do you believe?

So much for folklore so far as it applies to katydids. I first heard them six weeks ago and that’s supposed to mean the first frost tomorrow, September 13th. I thought that sounded dubiously early at the time and so it proved to be: 64 °F predicted low tonight. What could have happened?


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As a colleague, I’d like to know what she did wrong


There's a customer in here somewhere!

There’s a customer in here somewhere!

Realtor arrested for trading in waste grease. I mean, what else do we realtors do?

Bushwick — A real estate broker was arrested Wednesday after using a phony license to collect and sell thousands of gallons of used restaurant grease, sources told DNAinfo New York.

Seon Intrator, 45, allegedly bought used grease from fast food restaurants in Williamsburg, Bushwick and Flushing, Queens, and then sold it to waste transfer stations for four times the price — while flashing a fake waste hauling license at the shopkeepers, authorities said.

Intrator was arrested Wednesday morning by the NYPD Organized Crime Investigations Division  and Business Integrity Commission investigators and charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument.

Sources told DNAinfo Intrator sold up to 1,000 gallons of grease each week from March until June.

She allegedly convinced the eateries to sell her their waste for just $1 a gallon, and then sold it for $3 or $4 per gallon to waste stations, which use the grease to make ethanol and other products. Intrator even bought a 14-foot box truck for $10,000 to haul about 250 gallons at a time, sources said.

“Brazen tactics like these show what the good actors are up against,” said Shari C. Hyman, the commissioner of the Business Integrity Commission. “We are happy to be partnering with legitimate industry business to keep their marketplace level and competitive.”

So she bought from willing sellers and sold to willing buyers – what’s the crime, other than screwing up the Business Integrity Commission’s [sic] scheme to fix prices among the lady’s competitors?

Bizarre waste of taxpayers’ money.


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But I thought his religion was supposed to help restore our international reputation and bring peace to the Middle East?

The Wrath of Hussein

The Wrath of Hussein

Anti-Americanism spreads in Syrian refugee camps.

After cursing the American president in Arabic, he continued, “Obama is ‘Hussein’ – son of Muslims. If he were a Christian he would support us. But he’s a Muslim.” He shakes his head and his eyes tear up. “It’s always Muslims against Muslims.”

We all share the poor man’s pain: we had such high expectations, too.


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When you absolutely, positively need your power ....

When you absolutely, positively need your power ….

The best company around that I know (nothing against other dealers, I just haven’t worked with them) is the generator division of Greenwich Construction (I think they have a separate website for the generator business, but I can’t find it and I’m in a hurry – just use the construction link to get to them). Lou Van Leewuen – (203) 223-0634, are the personal contact numbers I have, and although I’m sure there’s a corporate path to reach them, screw it: wake up Lou directly and tell him I told you to do it. Greenwich Construction builds a great house and excellent renovations but I’m writing here about his Generac generators. I like his prices: he quoted a client of mine under $10,000 for a 20K generator, all in except for the propane supply, so that’s the generator, the electrical, the pad for the generator, trenching, all permitting, the whole system, which was something like $4,000 less than the next lowest bid.

Greenwich Construction has been around a couple of decades and both the company and its principle are in Riverside, so when your power goes out in the middle of the night you’ll know where to go to complain.

Good company, good people.


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Not to make light of a tragedy, but we should probably have seen this coming

Anyone who traveled regularly past the DeMaio home on Round Hill Road was bound to note its most prominent feature, the huge fountain in its front yard. Who puts fountains in the front yard of their New Jersey mansions? The Mafia and the Russian mob, that’s who, and while you can move a Jersey mansion to Greenwich – especially a pre-fab one, you can’t leave the mobster behind. Doubt this? Well here, just as a for instance, is the home where penny stock fraudsters Alan Chalem and Mayir Lehmann were killed by Russians in 1999 (I actually went after the victims once, but I used the NASDAQ arbitration process, not a 9mm).

N’uff said.

Murder most foul

Murder most foul


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Now she wants to kill us


First Family Guinea Pig - "see, hasn't hurt HIS brain cells".

First Family Guinea Pig – “see, hasn’t hurt HIS brain cells”.

First Lady Michelle Obama inaugurates campaign to encourage Americans – especially Republicans, presumably – to drink more Dihydrogen Monoxide, (DHMO), a clear, colorless, chemical compound that’s been labelled “the most dangerous substance on earth”. Will these people stop at nothing?


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You can’t fix stupid

The Democrat brain on crack

The Democrat brain on crack

Democrat chairman Debby Wasserman, a perennial candidate for dumbest, most prevaricating member of Congress,  claims that “voter suppression” caused the anti-gun control voters to win in Colorado.

“The recall elections in Colorado were defined by the vast array of obstacles that special interests threw in the way of voters for the purpose of reversing the will of the legislature and the people,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a statement. “This was voter suppression, pure and simple. “….[l]awsuits filed by the likes of “the NRA, the Koch brothers and other right wing groups who know what when more people vote, Democrats win,” actually prevented voters from sending in their ballots.”

That’s pretty rich, considering that her Democrats passed the law in the first place by holding closed hearings, cut off emails from constituents and rushed the law through so as to get it done before emotions had calmed after Sandy Hook. Remind you of Democrat tactics here in Connecticut and New York?

In any event, Debby, Democrats did vote in the recall election and they voted to toss the bastards out. Especially angry, it seems were women and blue collar, Hispanic workers. according to this analysis.


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Only if you stop stuffing your face

Daily Mail asks, “Can ‘miracle knickers give you a peachy bottom?

Not here in America, land of the omnivorous, as this photograph of one of our Democrat candidates shows.


Shopping for supplies for Cos Cob Democrat Clam Bake (Photo credit, Farricker)

Shopping for supplies for Cos Cob Democrat Clam Bake
(Photo credit, Farricker)



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Racism in our schools

All for naught

All for naught

Why can’t poor children learn anymore?

Liz Peek, The Fiscal Times:

One of the lesser-broadcast features of the most recent jobs report is that unemployment for African-Americans actually ticked higher, to 13 percent, even as the rest of the country held even at 7.3 percent. Unemployment for Hispanics was 9.3 percent and for Asians 5.1 percent. Also worrisome, the number of African-American adults who held jobs actually declined last month, and fewer than 61 percent of blacks are working–the lowest participation rate since 1982.

… Blacks are increasingly left behind, at least in part because their leaders do not demand better schools. The greatest source of “disparate impact” in this country, to borrow a phrase currently popular with the Justice Department, is that most black kids can’t read or write. Upward mobility for the African-American community, tenuous at best, is squashed the minute they enter kindergarten.

Too harsh? Not by half. Consider the results from the recent Common Core testing in New York, one of the first to measure how students meet the new nation-wide standards. Statewide, 31 percent of public school students in grades 3 through 8 were considered proficient in English; only 16 percent of blacks met that test, compared to 50 percent of Asians and 40 percent of whites – results which the state’s education department says reveals “the persistence of the achievement gap.”

Only 15 percent of black kids were deemed proficient in math, while 60 percent of Asians and 38 percent of whites made the cut. It begs saying that results across the board are appalling; but that less than one in five black kids can read or write with any fluency is truly criminal.

The shocking outcome of New York’s tests immediately sparked criticism – mostly directed at the test, as opposed to the teachers or schools that are presumably preparing our children.

Public school teachers and administrators are always quick to find another culprit when their students come up short. For poor black children, they blame the collapse of the African-American family, pervasive poverty, inadequate school funding – the list goes on and on. The only problem with this finger pointing is that some educators are able to break through those very real barriers.

Eva Moskowitz, head of the Success Academies in Harlem and the South Bronx, left every other public school in the dust in the recent testing. SuccessAcademyBronx 2, with an 85 percent poverty rate and not one white or Asian student in the test pool, outperformed every other city school; 97 percent of the kids achieved “proficiency” in math and 77 percent in English.

To the extent I’ve been following the NYC Mayoral race, it seems that the winner of yesterday’s Democrat primary, Bill De Blasio, promises to handcuff the police and close or restrict schools like the Success Academies. We don’t need any more disgruntled policemen – we already have a surfeit – but if New York City doesn’t want her, perhaps we should ask Eva Moskowitz to come to our own troubled schools and help out. At the very least, maybe we should form another committee so beloved in Greenwich and send its members down to Harlem to see what Moskowitz is doing and how she’s getting the results that she does. That would be a better expenditure of our money that introducing “digital learning tools”, which strikes me as just another expensive “fix”, just like all the other fixes we try, to divert attention from our failures.

Any such committee should be comprised entirely of non-union teachers and citizens not affiliated in any way with our BOE or its employee Dr. McKiersie, people who are determined to keep the present failing structure in place. Of course, any reforms we might try to introduce in Connecticut would be thwarted by our local Democrats and their allies in Hartford, blacks and whites, but at least we’d know what we’re missing.


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Anyone else remember the Mary Capozza murder?

A reader just reminded me of the 1987 unsolved murder of Mary Capozza, who disappeared from her home on Byram Shore Road and turned up in the Kensico reservoir, in a duffle bag. Following their  usual procedure the Greenwich Police declared it a suicide and closed the case, but some in town still wonder whether that in fact is what happened.

And a reader writes that poor Mary had a husband, Andy, who lived in a separate part of their house due to marital discord. I do believe I’d have started a search for a perpetrator with him.


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And out in a state still struggling to remain free….


Screw you, Pilgrim

Screw you, Pilgrim

Colorado voters recall Democrat pols who voted for gun control laws. Bloomberg personally spent more money to defeat the recall ($350,000) than the NRA did to win it. Hope he has enough left to buy a Super-Slurpee to drown his sorrows in.

DENVER — The president of the Colorado Senate and a Democratic colleague, both supporters of gun-control measures following the mass shootings in Colorado and Connecticut last year, were ousted Tuesday in recall elections.

With 94 percent of the projected vote counted, voters in Colorado Springs favored recalling Morse by 51 percent to 49 percent.

Republican Bernie Herpin, a former Colorado Springs city councilman, will replace him.

Voters also approved the recall of Senator Angela Giron in Pueblo, choosing Republican George Rivera, a former police officer, to replace her.


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Will Democrats replace Krumeich with a new running mate for Ramadamadingdong?

That's not funny!

That’s not funny!

Greenwich Democrat  Lee Whitnum arrested for stalking, harassing judge.

A Greenwich woman accused of stalking a state judge who was presiding over her divorce case, denied the charge Tuesday she had done anything wrong.

“I never stalked the judge,” said Lisa “Lee” Whitnum-Baker as she left the courthouse. “I did make a call to the judge’s home but it was a seven-minute call and that’s not stalking,” she said. “I know the law.”

Whitnum-Baker, 53, also volunteered that she had never stalked the governor.

“That’s just not true and besides that was years ago,” she added. There is no record of an arrest for that.

Whitnum-Baker, formerly of Stamford, is charged with second-degree stalking, second-degree harassment and disorderly conduct. Her case was continued Tuesday to Sept. 26.

Greenwich Democrat Chairman Francis X. Fudrucker told FWIW that he was still considering whether to make the switch, now that Whitnum has resurfaced. “We do prefer that our candidate slate be comprised of people with the same moral and mental standards,” Fudrucker said, “so yes, there’s certainly that possibility. On the other hand, there’s some value in having a counterweight on the ticket, so that Independents won’t think we’re completely, over-the-moon nuts. So that’s the dilemma: stick with our base or reach out to other voters who aren’t in the party. My Vice Chairman – he’s in charge of prostitution, gambling, drugs, that sort of thing – Bill Gaston is all for dumping Beth and bringing Lee onboard and I understand that. But we’ll have to give this some real consideration.”


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Well duh

Bryan Preston: Putin pulls the football away, again

Russia is not keen at this stage for a binding U.N. Security Council resolution that would provide a framework to control Syria’s chemical weapons’ stocks, France’s foreign minister said after talks with his Russian counterpart on Tuesday.

“As I understood, the Russians at this stage were not necessarily enthusiastic, and I’m using euphemism, to put all that into the framework of a U.N. binding resolution,” Laurent Fabius told French lawmakers after a telephone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Obama is being played. The Russian deal forced him to change course and re-write tonight’s speech at the last minute. Now he has to re-write it again, or pretend that the Russians didn’t just drop a flaming bag of something on the White House doorstep. It will be grimly amusing to see what Obama tells the American people about all this now. The words “fiasco” and “clusterf*ck” have been said by others today. He won’t use either word, but that doesn’t mean both don’t apply.

Harry Reid pretended that the Russia deal drove him to halt a vote on force in the Senate. The reality is that Democrat votes for force were “dropping like flies,” and the prospect of passage in the House was always grim. Obama lost the Congressional Black Caucus today. Sen. Mitch McConnell came out against bombing today, breaking with the House GOP leaders who had supported it, and probably killing off any chance that the Senate would help Obama out by at least giving him a split vote in Congress. The likelihood now is that he gets rejected by both houses with actual “No” votes or implicitly if neither brings the authorization to a vote, and then has to decide if he wants to strike Syria anyway. Does Barry feel lucky?

So Obama is being played by Putin. The question is, does he know or even care that he’s being played? He seemed happy enough to grab Putin’s hand and get out of his jam. Now what’s he going to do? Putin is saying that there will be no quick fix, and that he intends to keep on using the UN to mess around with Obama, promise him a prize, then take it away, over and over again. Playing the part of Lucy, Vlad Putin. Playing the part of Charlie Brown trying to kick a football, Barack Obama. For a while to come.

And here’s some rare footage of our two Harvard Ivy League grads, Barry and Kerry, confronting Vladimir: in the movie, Vladimir is sent on his way – in real life, our own smart guys would slip him five bucks and ask him for investment advice.


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Which is why liberals like Robert F. Kennedy oppose it

Enemy of the people

Enemy of the people

Fracking added $1,200 to each American household’s spending power last year .

From today’s Wall Street Journal:

Last week we reported on a study showing that the U.S. oil and natural gas revolution may be the country’s best antipoverty program, and the evidence keeps coming. A new report from IHS Global Insight estimates that fracking added the equivalent of a cool $1,200 to real household disposable income on average in 2012.

Lower costs for raw materials were passed on to consumers via lower home heating and electricity bills and lower prices for other goods and services. Wages also increased from a surge in industrial activity. On present trend, IHS predicts that unconventional oil and gas will contribute more than $2,000 a year by 2015 and $3,500 by 2025.

Overall the industry lifted economic growth by $283 billion last year—$533 billion in 2025—and was responsible, ahem, for $74 billion in federal and state tax payments. The politicians should be doing cartwheels that the figure will rise to $138 billion in 2025.

IHS’s particular focus is on what the study calls a growing manufacturing renaissance aided by the boom in affordable energy. It’s a classic American story of innovation, human ingenuity, risk-taking and capital investment, not subsidies or the 47 federal job-training programs. The irony Washington will never appreciate is that fracking has done more for the less fortunate in the Obama years that all of its ministrations combined.

Oh, they realize it, I think, and they know it threatens their power over the Americans they rule.


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Greenwich Firemens’ union contract: brace yourself, Bridget

Forget your wallet, the Fahrenheit 451 crowd wants to burn your house

Forget your wallet, the Fahrenheit 451 crowd wants to burn your house

Just in time to ruin my day, reader and Greenwich resident Lucia Jansen sends along the following:

…I  sit on the RTM on the Budget Overview Committee and created this analysis of an upcoming Greenwich firefighter contract to be voted Monday night at the RTM.  Like pigs going to slaughter the RTM Finance and Labor Contracts committees voted to support the contract—with the same tired, party line “because we can’t win in arbitration.”  The finance committee vote was 10-1-0…one member wasn’t there (Erf Porter, II) but surely he would be supporting the contract as he always does.  The Labor Contracts committee (with Joan) was 5-0-0.

Anyway, I thought you would enjoy reading the analysis.  The spreadsheet was done recently with the numbers plugged in with the deal Tesei and Caldwell negotiated.  Please note, that in the Explano’s to the RTM Tesei was clever and didn’t put in the full pension cost, but only the “normal” cost and excluded the unfunded liability… if the taxpayer isn’t on the hook for it all.  My spreadsheet shows the true cost of the contract—an increase of 14.60% costing the taxpayer over 3 years $48,851,218.  Note, the pension cost increase of 64.99% over a mere 3 years.

Read it and weep.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 2.36.12 PM

Here’s the contract

And here’s Jansen’s analysis.


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It’s a mutual suicide pact only if we want to join


While China and India cheer

While China and India cheer

EU commissioners warn that energy costs are crushing European manufacturing.

“We face a systemic industrial massacre,” said Antonio Tajani, the European industry commissioner.

Mr Tajani warned that Europe’s quixotic dash for renewables was pushing electricity costs to untenable levels, leaving Europe struggling to compete as America’s shale revolution cuts US natural gas prices by 80pc.

“I am in favour of a green agenda, but we can’t be religious about this. We need a new energy policy. We have to stop pretending, because we can’t sacrifice Europe’s industry for climate goals that are not realistic, and are not being enforced worldwide,” he told The Daily Telegraphduring the Ambrosetti forum of global policy-makers at Lake Como.

“The loss of competitiveness is frightening,” said Paulo Savona, head of Italy’s Fondo Interbancario. “When people choose whether to invest in Europe or the US, what they think about most is the cost of energy.”

A report by the American Chemistry Council said shale gas has given the US a “profound and sustained competitive advantage” in chemicals, plastics, and related industries. Consultants IHS also expect US chemical output to double by 2020, while Europe’s output will have fallen by a third. IHS said $250bn (£160bn) in extra US manufacturing will be added by shale in the next six years.

European president Herman Van Rompuy echoed the growing sense of alarm, calling it a top EU priority to slash energy costs. “Compared to US competitors, European industry pays today twice as much for electricity, and four times as much for gas. Our companies don’t get the rewards for being more efficient,” he said.


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Coming our way

What happens when public officials buy current labor peace by promising things that someone else is supposed to deliver down the road? Nothing good.

California pension payouts have doubled in 14 years 

The average retirement payout for new retirees in California’s biggest public pension system doubled between 1999 and 2012, according to CalPERS data, and initial monthly payments for one group nearly tripled in that period.

State and local cops and firefighters benefited the most.

In the 14 years covered by the data analyzed by The Sacramento Bee, average first-month pensions to state police and firefighters went from $1,770 to $4,978. California Highway Patrol officers’ first-month retirement payments doubled from $3,633 to $7,418, and local government safety employees’ pensions went from $3,296 to $6,867.

The figures from CalPERS’ internal annual reports, obtained by The Bee through a Public Records Act request, show how upgraded pension formulas that became fashionable during the late 1990s and early 2000s amplified the impact of pay raises to boost retirement allowances.

The findings also illustrate the slow-motion impact of pension changes, whether enhancements approved years ago or rollbacks launched this year.

“These numbers indicate the cost of benefits given away a decade ago are finally coming home to roost,” said Dan Pellissier, a pension-reform advocate who tried and failed to put a measure before voters last year to roll back pensions. “We’re finally having to pay the pension piper.”



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Paul Santora Sr. dead at 91

Despite all the jibes thrown at Cos Cob’s people by the likes of Fudrucker and FWIW reader Cos Cobber, some incredible people live there. Here’s the obituary of Paul Santora – I knew of his masonry company growing up but never had the honor of meeting him, having to make do with knowing his son Paul and his grandchildren, great people all. To me, Mr. Santora’s life story could be that of many Americans of his era, but Cos Cob got him and the town was lucky it did.

Born the son of Mary Lodato Santora and Joseph Santora on June 20, 1922 in Carbondale, West Virginia, the son of a coal miner. During a unionized strike he and his family moved to Cos Cob Connecticut where he attended Cos Cob Elementary School. A child of the depression he left school early in order to contribute to the family’s ability to survive. He worked several jobs as a youth including employment with The Town Of Greenwich Recreation Board as a tennis court manager and Ice Rink Manager at Bruce Park. He spoke of his days during the depression with great humility and fondness for the camaraderie those hard time begat and for the closeness that developed with families and relatives helping each other. It was these times during which the cornerstone of his existence was born, the importance of family.

On December 15, 1942 he was inducted into the Army and served with distinction in the 100th Infantry division. He became one of the division’s few soldiers to attain the title of becoming a 100th Infantry Division Ranger; a forerunner to today’s elite special forces. During his time in combat he was promoted to platoon sergeant, turned down a battlefield commission when all the officers in his company had been killed or wounded. He was awarded two Bronze Stars, The French Croix de Guerre by Charles DeGualle, and the Silver Star, all for gallantry in the face of enemy fire. He declined receipt of a purple heart for minor wounds received in action for fear of worrying his family and out of respect for those who were seriously wounded or killed in action. At the very end of the war the last town captured by his division was Stuttgart, Germany. It was during the occupation thereof that he met the love of his life Ossi Guggenbuhl.

Despite his removal of her and her family from their residence, a boundless love grew in the summer of 1945 and they were married in Germany on August 22, 1945. He was discharged from the service in February of 1946 and he and his bride came to the United States in that summer. After completing his carpentry and masonry trade apprenticeship he attended trade school, and went on to start Paul J Santora and Sons Masonry and Building Company in 1947.
He had an endless love for family, a passion for sports, gardening and gourmet food.

He worked hard to purchase enough land around him to insure that each of his children would have a house surrounding him. All of his accomplishments were shared by the love his life and partner Ossi. He always said together they were an unbeatable team.


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