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Uh oh, 60 day shut down.

heading out of town-in fact I’ve already left, won’t be back or resuming blogging until July 15. Offensive comments won’t be monitored during that period, so behave yourselves.

Back stronger and better in 60 days – see you then


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Ha – modern life

I’m off to NYC just now and as I backed out of my driveway I remembered I had some weapons in the truck from turkey hunting and whatever. Found 3 rifles and a shotgun, none of which, I’m sure would be welcome in the big city.

So, disarmed, I’m off.


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Smart Diplomacy™

As the direct result of Obama’s Iranian policy, Saudi Arabia is now joining the nuclear club.


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The Puritans are still here

Safe again

Safe again

Hartford pols vote to ban e-cigarettes.

There is absolutely no evidence that the water vapor emitted from e-cigarrettes poses any – any –  public health hazard, but Puritans live in constant angst that someone, somewhere, is having fun. Or, worse, as in this case, is trying to quit smoking, which would deprive the politicians of their tax money.


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I’m off again, but this time, I’ll be back tomorrow.

Once again, off to Litchfield to hunt the wild turkey. These aren’t our own Greenwich turkeys who, secure in the knowledge that suburbanites would  never hurt them, are tame little bastards, but genuwine wild, wily turkeys, accustomed to caution. Despite my killing a couple of deer last fall, Walt continues to mock me, so I’m doing this to shut him up. If I fail, I’ll shoot a couple of squirrels to relieve my blood lust and give Walt, that nasty bastard, more material to degrade my manhood,

So back tomorrow afternoon, when I’ll catch up on real estate news from the past two weeks.


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Maybe they could use gay wedding cakes as depth charges

All we need is love

All we need is love

Swedish peace group launches “gay deterrent” to invasion of the country’s borders by Russian subs.

The group is urging the Swedish government to resist calls for re-armament after a weeklong hunt in October for a suspected Russian submarine, saying “love and peace across boundaries is more important than ever.”

Putin’s not known for his sympathy towards homosexuals, and they were one of the first groups to be rounded up and exterminated by Hitler, but why study history or pay attention to current events when magic beans and ostrich-thinking are so much more pleasant.


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Greenwich: Hartford, Washington writ small

Greenwich Republican Party: the voice of fiscal responsibility

Greenwich Republican Party: the voice of fiscal responsibility

Our local government has whooped through the Byram pool project – full funding, regardless of ultimate cost. The whole idea of local government, designed by the founders of this republic and advocated by present-day Tea Party types, was that local politicians are closer to their voters and thus more likely to be held accountable. Hell, even our “representative” town meeting is as eager to spew its neighbors’ tax money as the most grasping politician in D.C.

Magic thinking – the road goes on forever, and so does other people’s money.

Tesei was one of many speakers at the RTM in favor of the full pool allocation and said he was pleased with the results as well as the way the debate was conducted.

“It was a very positive sign to see people endorsing the pool as a community priority and I was very happy with the tenor of the debate,” Tesei said. “It was good and respectful and it focused on the merits of the projects not on the personalities of the people.”


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