And in Riverside …

8 Seagate

8 Seagate Road, $9,250,000

8 Seagate Road (for some reason, this link still works, as of this writing) has sold for $9.250 million. That’s not the $14 million original price, a figure that was such an overreach that it kept this house on the market for three years, but it’s not chump change, either.


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Another sale reported

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.52.05 PM

13 Perryridge Road

13 Perryridge, which we’ve discussed here before but whose details are no longer available because of the rules of the GAR, closed at $2.435 million. Just 91 days from opening at $2.635 to contract. Very much not a house I’d choose for my personal residence, but that’s irrelevant.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.50.57 PM

Proof that in a hot market, even horrible staging can’t kill a deal


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.51.36 PM

So what kind of terrace do you expect for just $2.4?



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All good things come to those that wait

80 Birch Lane

80 Birch Lane

80 Birch Lane finally closed, at $2.025 million. Brother Gideon remembers that we went over there together back in 2009 and suggest an asking price in “the low $2s”. To be honest, I don’t remember this specific house, but I’ve certainly given plenty of price opinions in that range, for houses of this era, in this area. Regardless of my memory – and I trust Gid’s more – the owner listed it at $3.485 that year, with predictable results.

I suppose the reason I can’t remember this price opinion jaunt is that it’s identical to so many others.

I’m not whining; this is all part of the real estate business, just observing.


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A reprieve, finally, for Special Forces Sergeant Charles Martland

Obama and Bowie's parents

Obama honors the parents of Bowie Bergdahl for raising such a fine young man. The President has yet to say a kind word to Charles Martland’s parents

The Army in its great wisdom has finally reversed itself and permitted Sergeant Martland to remain a soldier after initially kicking him out. His crime? In 2011, he shoved an Afghan officer to the ground after catching him sodomizing a boy chained to a bed.

The Army initially dismissed Martland for beating down an Afghan rapist in 2011 while on deployment in Afghanistan. When Martland confronted the Afghan commander for chaining a boy to a bed post and raping him repeatedly, the commander laughed in his face, prompting Martland to shove him to the ground, which earned him the ire of higher-ups in the military. He was sent off the base and then sent home.

The United States military has a strict policy against expressing disapproval of our allies’ quaint sexual customs – Sergeant Martland should have read that memo, and heeded it, according to his “superiors”.


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Great deal on Bedford Road


160 Bedford Rd

Or I think so. 160 Bedford, which sold for $3.3 million in 2007, closed today at $2.2. The house itself, which was in pretty good shape back in 2004 when the owner at the time sought $6.4 million (didn’t get it), but it declined over the years to a pretty-much valueless structure.

But eight, beautiful acres of meadows make me envious.


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Price cuts

26 Glen Avon

23 Glen Avon

26 Glen Avon, Riverside, continues to drop its price and as of yesterday, is now asking $3.995 million, down from its 2014 ask of $4.495.

It sold for $5.495 in 2006, then $4.775 in 2009 to the present owners. I like the house, and love the street, but between flood concerns (the street, not the house, which sits high and dry) and I-95 noise coming across the harbor, it’s meeting buyer resistance.

13 Aiken

13 Aiken Rd

13 Aiken Road, off upper Round Hill, sold for $6.9 million in 2002, started off this time at $6.995 in 2013 and is now priced at $5.7.


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Obama moves to protect Hillary, and most members of Congress


On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia

By administrative order, applicants for federal employment will no longer have to reveal their criminal records.

“This move is long overdue”, White House Spokescis Dennis Hastert told FWIW.  “Far too many fine individuals, including at least one of the current applicants for the presidency, have been stopped at the gate before they even have a chance. That’s just un-American.”


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