Our lips are sealed

Better than a donut shop

Better than a donut shop

A reader pointed out this editorial in today’s Greenwich Time, denouncing the Greenwich Police Department’s decision to encrypt their radio calls.

In 2011, the Associated Press reported on the national encryption trend in a story that was published by, among others, USA Today. In the article, Greenwich is cited as an example of a department that explored encryption, but took a noble stand against it. Greenwich Capt. Mark Kordick is quoted explaining that, “Because we’ve always retained the ability to encrypt traffic on a case-by-case basis when we need to, in a community like Greenwich, I think the transparency we achieve by allowing people to listen to our radio communications certainly outweighs any security concern we have.”

Chiefs, though, have a habit of changing, and policies with them. In introducing the encrypted system two weeks ago, current Greenwich Chief Jim Heavey cited privacy concerns and a vague reference to “criminals . . . using scanners and smartphone applications to monitor the location and activities of police officers.”

That’s absolute bullshit, as GT’s editor points out (more politely). As part of their move towards militarization, the police have gone silent, so that they can’t be observed and, God forbid, be embarrassed.

Not-so-many years ago, for example, there was a vague mention in the paper of an all-cars-response to the Korean whorehouse on the border of Riverside/ Old Greenwich. It struck me as odd that something like 12 cars would respond to a simple robbery in a shady establishment, so I asked a friend with a police scanner what exactly had happened. Turned out a cop had been doing some research under the sheets with one of the prostitutes when he heard a commotion outside the room. Wrapping a towel around his nether regions, he emerged into the hallway brandishing his shield and his gun, whereupon the two kids from the housing complex next door who were robbing patrons knocked him down, took both badge and gun, and fled the premises. According to my friend, a cop losing his gun is pretty bad, but losing his shield is the biggest no-no in policedom. Hence the mad scramble to find the perps and recover the cop’s identification.

To this day, the police deny that this happened and the record of the incident has been sanitized in the Greenwich Time’s files. It still strikes me as an important story: corruption, cover-up, illegal patronization of prostitution – no wonder the police are so happy to stop that kind of exposure now.



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There may always be an England, but not one we recognize

"That will be three pounds, 15 pence, Insha'Allah"

“That will be three pounds, 15 pence, Insha’Allah”

Marks & Spencer bans use of the word “Christ” or “Jesus” when ordering flowers online. “Allah”, “Buddha” and “Jihad” are acceptable, however.

The policy emerged earlier today after one customer was stopped from buying a £35 bouquet for a funeral because she said in the gift message that it was from a family in ‘Christ Church Teddington’.

This is the same chain that permits its muslim check-out clerks to direct infidels to another line if they have pork or alcohol in their basket.


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The stress of running a corrupt town, or of servicing two partners?

Under the covers duty?

Under the covers duty?

Miami Gardens police chief arrested after hiring two undercover cops for a threesome. “The stress overwhelmed me”. 

Googling “Miami Gardens corruption” shows a town with decades of ongoing corruption, including extortion, bribery and, ironically, the resignation of its last police chief for all of that and other bad acts. The town was incorporated 72-years ago by Russian circus midgets (no kidding), and doesn’t seem to have grown to respectability or legitimacy since.


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Our town planners are at it again

Get off and stay off

Get off and stay off

Greenwich officials plan huge increase in open space, from 7% to 21%. Funny that they also claim they want to see an increase in affordable housing.

Paul Pugliese, who is chairman of the Architectural Review Committee, said unspecific language in the plan raises a red flag.

“There are an awful lot of general comments, and I realize that plans by their nature tend to be general,” Pugliese said. “However in appearing before you for the past 30 years and going through plan after plan I know a lot are used as justification for regulations, and some of these generalized comments could become directives. Those directives become regulations and those regulations affect property values, property rights and the use of our town resources.

… The document will go to the Conservation Commission on March 5 for a formal recommendation to have it added to the current Plan of Conservation and Development. After that, it is back to Planning and Zoning on March 24 for a public hearing and vote on adoption. Savageau said the goal is to have it before the Representative Town Meeting on April 13 for a final vote.

The enduring value of your home in Greenwich is the land it sits on. While removing almost  25% of the town’s acreage from development will send the value of the remaining land skyrocketing, an awful lot of homeowners in town are going to lose the entire value of their property. Between the destruction of property values in Old Greenwich via flood regulations, and the imposition of a floor area ratio on non-conforming lots, it’s a fair question why we property owners are sitting idly by while town employees erode our assets. And where are the Republicans on this? Cheering them on.

Between the Byram Folly and this latest effort for confiscation, the April RTM meeting ought to be fun.



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“10 crazy things you [Obama, actually] won’t believe about ISIS

They're just the JV, forget about 'em

They’re just the JV, forget about ‘em

Totally nuts, but that doesn’t make them less dangerous; in fact, it makes the threat worse.

The article itself is a short read, but this passage stands out:

Bernard Haykel, a professor at Princeton University and the world’s leading secular expert on Islam according to Wood, suggests that Muslims who claim that ISIS is not really Islamic are “embarrassed and politically correct, with a cotton-candy view of their own religion.”

People who reject the authentically Islamic nature of the Islamic State are usually speaking from an “interfaith-Christian-nonsense tradition,” the Princeton professor added.


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Anti-semitism goes mainstream at our universities. And after the Jews …

Jewish candidate rejected for student board because of her “affiliations”.

In the video below, UCLA’s student council deliberates over the application of Rachel Beyda for a position on the university’s judicial board. Ms. Beyda is acknowledged to be “qualified, for sure” and “a great candidate, obviously.” Yet there is a problem. “I just worry about her affiliations.” She is “a Jewish student and very active in the Jewish community.” The student council voted not to appoint Ms. Beyda to the judicial board.

What I find so frightening about this is how silent the other students at this meeting are. Where are the students pounding the table, demanding to know whether black students with “affiliations” with the black community, gays with ties to the gay community, or loud-mouthed Brits affiliated with their own country should also be rejected for their inability to be “impartial”. PCness on campus has cowed dissenters and muzzled protest. And that’s scary.


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Why do I work for a living when there are women like this around?

Aw, honey, why have the Nigerians arrested you this time? You poor dear.

Aw, honey, why have the Nigerians arrested you this time? You poor dear.

Woman sends $1.4 million to internet “lover”, whom she’s never met, and who claims to be working in Africa.

Twice-divorced Sarah met Chris Olsen online 18 months ago.

Though the mysterious man’s accent has changed over time, and he keeps asking for money to be wired to various different countries, Sarah insists she is ’95 per cent certain’ that he is telling her the truth.

Despite his numerous attempts to come home so they can be together, she says, he keeps getting arrested on false charges.

She has now sent him $1.4 million in total for hotel bills, calling cards, lawyers, an expired visa, stolen credit cards, and bail.

Last June, she even had to sell an apartment she owned to wire him $550,000 bail.

However, she believes he is trying his utmost to make it home.

Sarah concedes that there are suspicious elements to his story: ‘When I first started talking to him,’ she told Dr Phil, ‘He sounded Italian now his accent’s kind of changed I don’t know if he’s adapted to where he’s at… in Benin.’

But, she concludes: ‘I still believe in love.’

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