Affirmative action works the same way

Face Tattoos

Of course, even some white applicants are going nowhere, criminal record or no

Employers who are no longer allowed to ask about an applicant’s criminal history are now using racial profiling instead.

Prior to the laws, white job applicants received about 7  percent more call-backs on job applications than similarly qualified black applicants. After the laws, this advantage soared all the way to 45 percent. That’s hardly an encouraging development, as one of the chief goals of “ban the box” is to improve economic opportunities for non-whites.

The reason for the gap isn’t entirely clear, but the researchers have a compelling theory: having been deprived of information about applicants’ criminal history, employers are simply engaging in racial profiling instead. Overall, blacks are substantially more likely than other races to have spent time behind bars, but criminal history boxes enabled non-criminal blacks to stand apart from criminal ones. Now, all blacks are being tagged with the same brush.

On the flip side, the researchers suggested whites may be reaping the full benefit of the laws, as they [criminals] are now lumped in with other whites in being assumed to have no criminal history.

Does a black graduate of an elite university suffer from the stigma that his qualifications are lower than many white graduates, and even white applicants? Ask Clarence Thomas; ask Michelle or Barack O’Bama.



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Who says Connecticut has lost its manufacturing base?


But not THAT much

Study: Over half of Connecticut private colleges are “dropout factories”.

Seven of Connecticut’s 13 private, non-profit colleges are graduating fewer than two-thirds of the student body. That’s according to an analysis of federal data by Third Way, a Washington D.C.-based think tank.

But some private colleges are doing much better than others. At Trinity College, for example, nearly 85 percent of students end up graduating. But at the University of Bridgeport, seven out of ten students don’t graduate.

A big difference between schools like Trinity and ones like Bridgeport is the students they enroll. Nearly half of students who go to Bridgeport are low income and are getting federal Pell grant money. But at Trinity, barely one in 10 students fit that category.

This is the case among many of Connecticut’s private colleges — some take lots of low income students, some take very few. Those that take a few tend to be the elite universities, and they also tend to have higher graduation rates.

Hiler suggested that this has pushed lots of low income students into schools that don’t have the resources to make sure these students can graduate.

“In a way, there is a case to be made that a lot of these elite institutions are perhaps perpetuating inequality in this country  by not doing more to take in more low and moderate income students,” Hiler said.

Maybe those Social Justice Warriors at Yale should drop out and make room for the slum dwellers they profess to be so concerned about.


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The poor will always be with us and so too, it seems, will this house in Khakum Wood

31 Khankum Wood

31 Khakum Wood

31 Khakum Wood is back after expiring last December, with a new broker and a new price: $4.595 million. The owners paid $7 million for it in 2006, which seemed ill advised even at the time, and have had it on the market since 2013 (723 days and counting), starting at $6.7 and ending in December at $5.1 million. Today it’s back at $4.595. Decent house, great neighborhood, but this style has difficulty finding buyers.

For that matter, most of Khakum Wood is having trouble finding buyers: No. 24 is just one example. The 2004-2006 going rate of $7-$8 million seems to have dropped during the crash and never recovered.

So it goes.

You won't have Nicon to kick around any more

You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore, although there’s this house in Greenwich ….


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Broken Contract

6 Hobart

6 Hobart Drive

6 Hobart Drive, which was reported as under contract June 17th, is back on the market today. Contracts fall apart for all sorts of reasons and often it’s because the buyer encounters difficulty obtaining financing. I’m certainly not saying that’s the case here, just cautioning against assuming that some hidden flaw in the house was the difficulty; sometimes it is, often it isn’t. My own impression, expressed here last June, was that, at $2.3 million, there was room to make improvements and still not overspend for this neighborhood. Perhaps the cost estimates came in and poured cold water on that idea, but who knows?


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Well he was harmless, or Obama wouln’t have released him, so what’s the big deal?


Abu Wa’el Dhiab, Olympics fan

Brazilians search for released Gitmo prisoner who’s disappeared from Uruguay and  is believed to have  illegally entered their country.

Belela Herrera, a former Uruguayan deputy foreign minister now working as a human rights activist, said the reaction to Dhiab’s disappearance was “crazy”. She told Associated Press news agency that no case had ever been brought against him and it was wrong to link him to terrorism.

“He has a valid identity card, issued by the Uruguayan government, that allows him to go to other countries. He is not a fugitive from justice,” she said.

Well if a “human rights activist” says that the Syrian, who somehow, innocently found himself in Afghanistan in the company of Al Qaeda poses no threat, that’s good enough for me. Rio, here I come.


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It’s always racist

Squantz Pond State Park has a problem: it’s grievously overcrowded. Yesterday its parking lot reached capacity at 8:30 Am and was closed, Sunday it hit that point at 9.

Despite the closures, “walk-in” visitors continued streaming into the park, renewing the long-standing safety worries of town officials.

First Selectman Susan Chapman said it’s normal for the park to reach capacity shortly after the park opens on the Fourth of July, but she said that occurred even earlier this year because the state reduced the parking cap for Monday from 250 to 200 vehicles.

“It’s a disaster,” Chapman said.

Hundreds of beachgoers parked their cars at nearby parking lots or on side streets on Sunday and Monday and walked to the park.

Dennis Schain, a spokesman for the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, said the park supervisor and state parks director decided Sunday to reduce the number of cars allowed in the lot Monday after learning that walk-in visitors were paying to park at businesses down the street. Since there was no way to regulate the walk-ins, he said, officials hoped that limiting access to the park itself would reduce crowding.

Suantz Pond

It’s racist to show reality.

Chapman and other town officials have long complained that allowing walk-ins permits crowding and creates dangerous pressures on lifeguards. She has repeatedly asked the state to ban walk-ins and to increase the number of lifeguards and state troopers at the park.

During the afternoon Sunday, Chapman tweeted a picture of walk-ins making their way along Route 37 and renewed her call for a moratorium. Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton retweeted the post.

A spokesman for Connecticut Democrats called the tweet “racist” because most of those shown in the photo are black.

“This is racism, plain and simple,” said Leigh Appleby, communications director for Connecticut Democratic Party in a statement. “It’s outrageous that Susan Chapman and Mark Boughton would classify people of color as second class citizens. And it’s no surprise that leaders of the the party of Donald Trump would sink to this level. Both of these Connecticut Republican leaders need to immediately explain themselves. Bigotry has no place in our political discourse.”

Chapman scoffed at the characterization, saying there was nothing racist about the tweet.

“These are the very people I’m trying to protect,” she said. “It’s an unsafe situation for people coming to the park and an unsafe situation for people driving because they’re forced into oncoming traffic to go around them.”

The charge of racism is used exclusively by leftists to cut off discussion, though why Democrats don’t want to discuss an issue that affects all people: black, white, swimmers and drowners alike, and instead turn it into a political attack is beyond me. It’s just one more illustration of why the state is unmanageable: the party holding the reins is incompetent, and relies on phony charges of racism against Republicans to keep its majority base in its thrall.

leigh applyby

Miss Leigh Appleby – I thought even the gender-confused liked to swim in clean water


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You won’t see this on mainstream TV

You will on ReasonTV


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