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Bidding war “winner” has second thoughts?

1 Grove Lane

This beautiful house was listed for $3.350 back in 2006 and sold via bidding war for $3.550. Now it’s back for sale at $3.495. It’s listed by brother Gideon and owned by a friend of mine, so no harsh comments allowed! And it is a nice house.

UPDATE: Okay, went to its open house. It is still nice. The owners spent $800,000 adding a three-car garage, redoing all the wiring, carving a beautiful master bedroom suite from three or four rooms, replacing the bathrooms, etc. Will that be enough to move it in this market? The only way to tell is to put it up for sale and see, which is what’s been done.

The front yard is noisier than I remember, probably because Deerfield was wet today, and this lot does indeed about the former office of Gary Gallo. The latter is a plus: think of the fun your children will have conducting treasure hunts with their friends and searching for Dr. Gallo’s stash!


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