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Riverside: going down?

26 Weston Hill Road, new construction awhile back, sold for $2.995 in October, 2004. Sold yesterday for $2.665. Just saying ….

UPDATE: Cos Cob Byram saw a sale,  but at the same kind of price reductions we’re seeing everywhere in town except, of course, for that peach-colored beauty at 75 Long Meadow Road, whose owners hold (relatively) steady in the face of mean bloggers and nasty readers’ comments.

100 Mead Avenue

100 Mead Avenue

This house was listed at $729,000 and sold yesterday for $545,000. Assessed value: $546,910.

UPDATE: Cos Cobber pointed out my error – I saw “Mead Avenue” and thought of the Cos Cob street, which is a nice street with a convenient location to the shops and school. I forgot that there are two Mead Avenues in town and this one is in Byram. Still a good-looking house, but Mead in Byram is not at all the same as Mead in Cos Cob. My bad.


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