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Price cut

17 Tomac Avenue in Old Greenwich sold for $2.7 in 2006 and the buyers placed it back up for sale, unimproved, for $3.450 million two years later. 2008 was probably not the time to try to get such a premium for two year’s of occupancy and so it has sat since. Today it’s been marked down, again, to $3.075 but I believe we are below 2006 prices, not above them. Assessment is $2.3


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There’s an optimist on every corner

17 Tomac Ave

17 Tomac Ave

Here’s a nice ten-year-old house in Old Greenwich that sold for $2.775 million in 2006 and was returned to the market in 2008 for $3.450 before the owner realized that the market had turned against him. He’s down today to $3.2 million, which is an improvement. Assessment is $2.390.


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Price it, sell it?

17 Tomac Avenue (no picture – a reader just reported that the pictures are suddenly causing his computer to seize and so until I figure that out, just click on the link) was listed for $3.499 million in February, 2008. It dropped exactly $50,000 in the ensuing ten months and never attracted a buyer. The sellers extended their listing contract today for an additional three months but I suspect that, had they cut their price by a sum sufficient to draw buyers’ attention to the property, it would have been sold by now. It’s a nice house, so I’ve got to believe it’s the price that’s wrong.


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