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Cos Cob fans, here’s how to put your money where your mouths are

28 sachem Road

28 sachem Road

This goregous 1850 house still sat on 2 acres when the current owner paid $4 million for it a few years ago (yes, of course he was from out of town). He split up the land into three lots and has been trying to sell them off piecemeal. This one, on just 0.7 acres now, was asking $3.4 million but today came down to $2.7. It seems to me that this house has little value for those who would otherwise appreciate its splendour if it’s crammed in next to two new houses. On the other hand, with spec house funding dried up, the original lot is still as it was. I know nothing about the seller’s financial condition but this might be a good time to bid $2.5 for the whole thing, and reunite the original lot. If Stanwich hadn’t gone soft and moved to Riverside, I’d have pitched this idea to him. As it is, I’m just tossing it out for all Cos Cob patriots to act on.

UPDATE: Never mind! Frankie Futticker has just informed me that Sachem is in Greenwich, not Cos Cob! Why is this? Turns out the old postal route used to have the Greenwich carrier deliver on this street before heading up Stanwich, and that’s how the (imaginary) line was drawn. Still a nice house, but you’d have to move from Cos Cob to enjoy it.


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