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As usual, rumors about Greenwich real estate proved accurate and we have a couple of houses, long on the market, that have almost found buyers.

12 Wyckham Hill Road, listed for just $1,999,000 is “pending”. This was a really good deal, I thought, and said so a few months ago. The owner is in a bit of trouble with the law, having dashed an old man down on a parking lot and killed him, and there’s nothing like a distress sale to get those prices reduced to a bargain level – usually – Bernie’s place in Montauk went for above asking.

65 Tomac Avenue, a nice house with no yard, listed for $$4.8 million when it was first built and eventually dropped to $3.595, still an aggressive price, I thought, for a lousy location and lot. But a reader told me last week that she’d heard this was in contract and sure enough, it is. I presume there was some tough negotiating on that asked-for price.

35 Manor Rd

35 Manor Road

And this Old Greenwich bungalow did better than go to contract, it sold, for $745,000, less than the 2008 price of $935,000 but well above its $600,000 assessment. I can already hear Russ Pruner saying, “take that, Fountain!”


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