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Two open houses of note

876 North Street

I mentioned this house last week when its price was reduced to $2.995 million and today I got inside to see it. I liked it a lot – it’s everything a contemporary should be – light, free-flowing, great quality (including  beautiful bird’s eye maple interior doors). Top quality finishes and a very nice house. The yard’s mostly what I would call “swampy woods” but which a professionally trained real state agent would not doubt prefer to describe as “wooded wetlands” or “a nature lover’s paradise”. Whatever, there’s enough lawn to support a pool and play area and the Stanwich golf course is just through those trees so you can always send your kids over there to play. They can steal golf balls and hold them for ransom, too, thereby teaching them rudimentary business techniques. The assessment for this property is $2.6 million, so its new price is pretty good, I think.

400 Lake Avenue

400 Lake Avenue is a classic 1950’s Colonial in fantastic condition with all the important elements updated and modernized. You should know from the start that it has low ceilings – not a problem for me at all, but a definite non-starter for some people. Assuming you can get by that, this is a beautiful home that seems to me to be an ideal place to raise a family. Lots of room, plenty of privacy for each child to find his own space, a good back yard, with pool, and just an easy feel to the entire spread. I really enjoyed seeing it. Its price of $4.8 million is certainly not too low – assessment is $2.9, or thereabouts – but the market will decide its selling price, not I, so I’m staying out of that. Well worth seeing if you’re looking in this part of town.


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