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New price makes an old house look great

(Sky by photoshop)

(Sky by photoshop? Never mind!)

I have always liked 49 Fox Run Lane (off Zaccheus Mead), a gorgeous old house completely renovated and modernized in 2002, but was turned off by its pricing as supplied by that fellow known for his exuberant flights of fancy when it comes to some properties. This started at $10.5 million in 2002, jumped up to $11.5 in 2005 and then began its slow descent to reality helped along by a new agent, Francine Erlich, through the $8s, the $7s and now, the $6’s – barely: $6.9, but that’s a heck of a lot better than $11.5, eh?

The house is fabulous, to my taste; it has charm, grace, and all the modern stuff you could reasonably want. The yard itself may not appeal to some but to others, including me, nothing more is needed. Here’s the “problem” – there’s not much actual yard. Oh, there’s enough of a patch to throw a lacrosse ball around, but mostly you have the pool, the beautiful pond which, to my eye, looks suitable to stock with bass. I realize that for “Greenwich” waters, trout would be more appropriate, but this looks like bass water to me, and a little turbid for trout. There’s a terrace overlooking the pool and pond, a stream wending its way around the back and, off site but adjoining, a swampy – looking piece of real estate.  And that patch of backyard I mentioned. That’s all the yard I want, thank you, and all the yard you might need, but if you have five young sports stars looking to field a full soccre team, you probably want to look elsewhere.

Otherwise, check this out. It feels very much removed from Greenwich, in the best sense of that word, yet it’s just a few minutes to town. Great property and priced, I think, pretty well, finally.

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Reality creeps in on little cats’ paws

49 Fox Run Lane

49 Fox Run Lane

One of the exciting things about representing buyers these days is that there are now properties for sale that I’m not embarrassed to show. This house on Fox Lane is a good example. An old house on a great street, with a beautiful pond on one side, it was purchased for $3.1 million in 2000 and completely renovated from 2000-2002. The uglypicture above notwithstanding, the results were beautiful. It’s been for sale since 2002 at a price that started at $10.5, soared as high as $11.5 million in 2005 and slowly subsided so that today it’s asking $6.950. That would have been a good price in 2002, and perhaps it still is today, but either way, it’s a huge improvement over the silly, stupid price tags that preceded it. This business really isn’t all that complicated.

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