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Devito’s back and Round Hill’s got ‘im

Dom Devito, that very pleasant builder with a variety of legal (criminal) and financial troubles has brought 516 Round Hill Road back on the market. I’ve written about this place before, albeit using the street address of 518, which is what was hand painted on a piece of plywood at the entrance to its mud driveway. It’s four acres up near Leona’s place, on a shared driveway on a back lot that’s a little bit of fill and a whole lot of steep hillside. The “house” consists of a foundation and a framed and plywooded structure with most of the windows in. It sat open to the weather for a long time but if there isn’t too much water damage I suppose you might be able to salvage what’s there. Patriot Bank improvidently extended $6.6 million for its construction even though it had only reached this primitive state and that’s the amount of the mortgage note they’re foreclosing on. I calculate its value at somewhere between $2 and $2.5 million, maybe, on a good day. Asking price is $7.9 million, which shows that neither Dominick, his broker Steve Archino or Patriot Bank have lost their sense of humor. That’s good to see in these tough times.


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