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A question answered

Yesterday I asked why a house on West Crossway in Lucas Point had come back on the market at substantially more than its last unsuccessful price. The listing agent Jim Foote has replied and here’s what he says. Readers, take it from here.

Hi Chris:

You asked why my new listing at 7 West Crossway in Lucas Point, Old Greenwich is priced at $2,695,000.

The answer is simple.  Because that asking price is supported by an independent appraisal we had done to be sure we priced correctly.

I’m writing you from my broker open house at which my colleagues are delighted.

I have three appointments with brokers (make that four- the broker who just left commented “It sure has water” and scheduled a showing Saturday). ( Make that five-the broker who is in the house now, and who’s first comment was “This is nice” before she had advanced five feet, will be showing the house early Sunday.  She plans to set up 7 West Crossway by showing another Old Greenwich waterfront “on a swamp”, as she put it, that is priced at $2,900,000!

In addition I’ll be showing 7 West Crossway to the friend of a neighbor who came in and dashed out to call her in Manhattan.

From the back of 7 West Crossway, over its 100 feet of direct waterfront, you can see four other waterfront homes that sold at $2,800,000, $4,910,000, $6,500,000 and $8,200,000 not too long ago.

Don’t forget the old adage in our business, “A buyer will make a liar out of you every time.”

Your readers are welcome to judge for themselves at my public open house this Sunday, November 8th from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.


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