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Belle Haven contract

25 Field Point Drive (ML# 72939) came on in February, 2007 for $12.5 million, slowly dropped to $10 million and is reported under contract today. Lovely old house. Assessed value is $6.1 but I suspect it will go closer to asking than that. The money is still around and some people are spending it.

9 Roberta Lane, new construction (ML# 73090) has been reduced from $3.595 to $3.390 today. I’m sure it’s a nice house but I’m queasy about even the new price on this street. Someone has to be a pioneer, but my mother’s grandparents were and they were killed in the Great Meadows Massacre, sponsored by the Mormons. There’s a Mormon church in Greenwich, I believe, but not on this street. Still, can’t be too careful.


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