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Ah, the irony

Amazon deletes “1984” from customers’ Kindles. I like my own Kindle very much but this gives me pause about ordering more books for it.


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Kindle update

This smart fellow at Silcon Valley Insider has figured out that The New York Times could slash its delivery costs at least in half by stopping printing the rag and giving each of its subscribers a Kindle. That’s kind of cool – do it, Pinch, and I’ll keep my subscription.

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Amazon to introduce gen 2 Kindle?

That’s what USA Today speculates. Friends who have the first generation Kindle love it but they all travel – how neat to have every book you could possibly want on one, lightweight reader? But I don’t travel much, and certainly not by plane if I can help it – I don’t have the patience for idiot federal government security thugs, so I can’t figure out how I’d use one. Reading while driving is probably not illegal because no one’s thought to ban it yet but it doesn’t seem wise. Yet I want one of these, just as I lusted for years after a pair of binoculars with a built in compass which are really useful only on a boat, and I didn’t have a boat. I never did succumb to the call of those binoculars but I’m trying very hard to come up with reason why I need a Kindle. If any of you have solved this problem, please let me know.


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