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This is what did Bourke in, too

One of the Kissel murder co-defendants has plead guilty. That never helps the guy left standing in the dock.

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GPD: “We told you it was suicide!”

fat-copStrolling through the door kicked open by Greenwich’s own police chief, one of the Kissel muder co-defendants is claiming that the swindler’s death was an assisted – suicide. And why not? I’d like to have Chief Riderberg’s statements about his theory of the death to read to a jury. It’s all about creating a reasonable doubt after all, and if the chief has doubts, surely that’s reasonable, right?

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No Body Home?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. 8 Dairy Road, one of the stable of Mariani spec houses currently for sale, is listed for rent today at $25,000 per month. The house was originally listed for sale at $10.750 million and has dropped to $8.450 million (see below for my discussion of what this does to buyers’ resolve to bid low) and, with that not working, Mr. Mariani now invites you to pay his mortgage for him. Why not? Nice house.

Number 8 is so numbered because, back in 2006 when it was known as #10 Dairy Road, real estate fraudster Andrew Kissel was murdered in the basement:  hog tied with those flexicuffs riot cops like to use and stabbed about 100 times. Our police, God love them, labelled it a suicide as they always do – you don’t expect them to close a murder case by solving it, do you? – and the house was sold to Mariani for $3.475 million in 2007.  He removed Mr. Kissel from the premises, changed the street number and built anew but, whether because of ghosts or just plain overpricing, the house hasn’t moved. But here’s your chance to move in, either via a short term lease or, like poor Mr. Kissel, permanently.


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