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Where in the World are Walt Noel’s daughters? Here’s one of them, freshly removed from Nodding Hill to Parsons Green and shy a bedroom

FWIW spies are everywhere: Here’s the latest from a Craig’s List – type bulletin board in England, wherein Ariane Noel Sodi seeks domestic help.

We are a brazilian/italian/ american family looking for full time, mainly a live in housekeeper.
I have posted ads in the past and have found competent part time help, and have tried many combinations of shifts of hours during the week/two people part time, and i have not been satisfied with the results. I would like one person who is responsible for the house, deep cleaning, laundry and ironing, polishing silver, cooking, shopping, keeping outdoor space tidy, watering plants (as needed i can fill gaps with part time help). So far the day has seemed too long for live out. We have five children, but two girls at boarding school. If i find the right person, my idea is to have someone live in my daughters room who is away 90 percent of the time. When she is back from school for a weekend, i was hoping the person i found had a place to go … as well as during the persons time off. 
Hours etc, can be discussed over an interview.
I would like someone energetic who likes family life, is willing to learn, takes the initiative, has had housekeeping and cooking experience.
If interested, please email.
Please let me know nationality, languages spoken, age, and housekeeping/cooking experience by email.
Thank you,
Kind regards, Ariane Sodi


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Calling all Noel fans

Received an intriguing request from a London writer for  well known publication, looking for information on the Noels:

“I’m focusing specifically on Ariane Noel, the sister that’s based in London, but any background on the way the Noels are now viewed in the US would be really useful!”

Anyone want to be an anonymous source? A named source? Except for you, Walter – I think you’re biased. If so, send me your dirt and I’ll pass it along back to the mother country. And anything on Andres Piedrahita would be gratefully received here – I have a feeling he may prove to be the most interesting of the entire Noel clan.


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Ariane Noel: “enough about me, what do you boys do?”

Two readers alerted me that an earlier picture showing Andrew Madoff and his wife was actually one of Andy and his new squeeze, Katherine Hooper. Hey – blame the NY Post, who muffed the identification.

But that reminded me that we’ve really been letting the other Greenwich angle to this story drift away: the Madoff boys! So here’s just a bit on them, courtesy of a fly fishing magazine – apparently, since the boys didn’t waste any effort keeping up with dad’s trading activity they spent most of their time fishing. Nice work, if you can get it.

As an aside, Hooper’s quite the babe and a partner with Andy at the Urban Angler so perhaps the wife’s timing of her divorce – the day dad-in-law was pounced on by the feds – isn’t as suspicious as it first seemed.

Andy and Hoops at the ball. Credit Drake Mag. com

Andy and Hoops at the ball. Credit Drake Mag. com

Miss Hooper catches a fish

Miss Hooper catches a fish

mark Madoff salutes Dad's investors

mark Madoff salutes Dad's investors


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Life in the slow lane

When Monica Noel sat in for her now infamous interview with the New York Post she insisted that the Noels were just an ordinary family whose children grew up in a normal cottage. Rich? Not the Noels.

So what does a “not rich, normal Greenwich family” wedding look like? 

The Times tells us:

On June 25, they were married in the early evening before 400 guests at Christ Episcopal Church in Greenwich in a wedding that was European in spirit. The dark, gothic-style church was filled with piano music, big hats, bright colors and flowers that were inspired by everything from Impressionist paintings to Christian Lacroix gowns.

The bride wore a long ponytail and a sleeveless dress with a scooped back that was made by Lorenzo Riva, a Milan designer.

The 10 bridesmaids wore short dresses in different summer colors like watermelon-pink, lime green and the bright yellow of new tennis balls. They carried bouquets of hot pink, coral and saffron roses.

All around them, like shooting stars, ran five flower girls in white Monica Noel dresses and white fabric flower headbands.

For the reception at the nearby Round Hill Country Club, Dorothy Wako, a New York floral designer, planted a traditional English garden with the feel of a country cottage.

The garden was filled with rambling pink roses, wild sweet peas, lavender Canterbury bells and white peonies that were as soft looking as powder puffs and as big as melons.

“Ariane wanted to please all the senses with this wedding,” said Tierney Gifford Horne, a friend of the bride who is the fashion director at Mademoiselle magazine.

During dinner, guests sat at tables named after the couple’s favorite places — Geneva, Aspen, Klosters, Anguilla, Firenze, San Michele. At 1:30 A.M., after a night that included a song- and-dance toast by the bride’s four sisters, who called themselves the “Noel Supremes,” the couple drove off in an old classic yellow Buick convertible from the 1950’s.

“They went off for a three-week honeymoon,” said Alix Noel, a sister of the bride. “The first week is in the great barrier reef in Australia; the second week is a week of heli-skiing in New Zealand, and the third week they’ll spend in a remote bungalow on an island in Fiji. They’ll go scuba diving in Australia and skiing in New Zealand. They love the sporting life.”

My kids love the sporting life too and they grew up in a normal Greenwich household. Does this mean that I must spring for a few weeks of heli-skiing in New Zealand for each of them? Must I pay for ten bridesmaids, or would it be considered abnormal if I just paid the kids to elope?


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