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Contract on Hooker Lane

Well, it’s known as 41 “Stonebrook” now, but we’ll always know it as Hooker – it’s in Cos Cob, need I say? In any event, it went to contract this weekend, with an asking price of $1.759, so that’s encouraging.

There’s another house in Riverside whose address I won’t mention because it’s not yet a finalized deal, but I thought it was fairly priced at $1.550 and was a steal when it was reduced to $1.350. My own clients loved it but were sensible enough to offer only what they were comfortable with – if every home buyer had acted so wisely the past five years we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in right now – and lost it to a higher bidder; in fact, there were multiple bids, according to the listing agent. I mention this because my clients and I, as well, I’m sure, as the other bidders, have looked at the entire inventory in Riverside and Old Greenwich in this general price range and this was the only house that enticed to bid so high. Yet, there are many houses out there right now priced between $1.3 and $1.6 million – if their owners could see what $1.3 delivers, perhaps they wouldn’t be so adamant about holding their own price, because they’re nowhere near this one’s quality, condition or even location.

Of course, they won’t do that – sellers have an amazing ability to deny reality and to insist, all evidence to the contrary, that their own house is better than one that just sold for several hundred thousand dollars less. There’s no arguing with them, but they might wonder why they aren’t getting offers near their asking price and the house down the street is drawing plenty. They might.


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