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Uh oh, touched a nerve up there on Beacon Hill

The two "Beacon Hill Greenwich" buyers?

My comments regarding the Lotto winners Lacoff and Skidmore’s failed condo project on Sound View Drive elicited a rather zingy reply from either the builders, the listing agent or a buyer who has seen his “investment” disappear into the dust cloud generated by the empty land next door. Most of the rant is unfit for a family newspaper and so it, and its writer, have been consigned to the spam folder, but this part’s fun:

First of all…get your facts straight.. I’ve been watching Beacon Hill from the beginning and I think the developers have done a great job there. Beacon Hill has been slowly selling units and I’ve been tempted to make an offer. Stop making your miserable life problems everybody else’s and go out there and make an honest buck for once. You never have anything positive to say.  Miserable people like you is [sic] why our world is the way it is!

“Slowly” is the word; exactly two units were sold here, one by the listing agent, Katherine Clauss and the other by Christopher Finlay. No comment. Both sales, for around $3 million, occurred in 2009. There have been no sales since.

So two sales, a ton of unsold units and a second phase that has never broken ground and almost certainly won’t in my lifetime. If the pissed off reader really is “tempted to make an offer’, then now’s her chance. I’d start by offering $500,000 but her valuation may be lower.


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