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Good thing I wasn’t counting on this blog to secure my retirement

Pajamas Media, a loose collection of my kind of bloggers (small government types, mostly) isn’t cutting it as a business model. The bloggers will keep blogging, which I understand – as I discovered long ago, writers have to write, while more sane folks who just happen to have an ability to write well don’t – but the ad revenue they’d hoped for has dwindled. This is happening throughout the blogosphere, I think as advertisers discover that the “click-through” system doesn’t produce results (see all the links contained within the link above for a full discussion of this phenomenon). I notice, for instance, that Henry Blodgett has fired writers at his own blogging experiment, Clusterstock.alleyinsider.com. Mssr. Blodget, continuing to display the same charm he showed when at Merrill, simply axed employees without notice to their readers and leaving us with no way to contact them – I hope he paid severance and benefits but somehow, for some reason, I doubt it. Well, writing’s never been a steady or particularly lucrative source of income – wanna buy some real estate?

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