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The Lacoff Three go to the mattresses

Can't help you now, Father, I've got appointments in Syracuse and Greenwich

They’ve hired PR guru Howard Rubenstein, I hear from a very reliable source. Hiding something or just using the Powerball story to boost their business? Damned if I know.


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Murky waters in Greenwich

I've got a secret

The Lacoff  Three are out with a new statement and deny that there’s any “mystery man” behind the lottery loot.  “These gentlemen pooled their funds and just barely managed to come up with that dollar,” Lacoff spokesman Jennifer Nckwzzyjk told FWIW’s Scuzie. “Vicious, anonymous bloggers are shitting on the boys’ heads on this and I find it disgusting and plain ol’ mean. Fuck them”.

So here’s the problem: we have two mutually contradictory stories. The Lacoff Three say they bought and own the ticket while their “close friend” Tom Gladstone says they didn’t and that they told him they didn’t. Someone is lying, but who?

I don’t know Lacoff and his co-conspirators but those who do seem to vouch for them. But I do know Gladstone and find it hard to believe he’s a liar (or worse than any other real estate agent), nor  can I figure out why he’d have reason or motivation to lie. Hmm.

This could be like that old problem posed by the Marks brothers when they ran their Greenwich Avenue stationery store: “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

What’s amusing about all this is that, although the supposed winners wanted to keep a low profile they are now the subject of world-wide attention. Some newsy (and they’re out there – I dodged calls from BBC, CNN and the WSJ and Fudrucker turned down an offer to appear on the Today Show this morning) will dig out the truth of the matter. Stay tuned.


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One mystery solved, now it’s back to those lottery guys

NOT Jenny?

Jennifer Nacewicz, the staunch defender of the defunct Beacon Hill condominium and fan of this blog is not, as I suggested, a former urinal swabber at the project. Thanks to an (anonymous) reader’s tip, we learn that Ms. Jennifer Nacewicz Young is married to one Ron Young, a partner former partner of Brandon Lacoff. Is it possible that Nacewicz is annoyed that she didn’t get in on those lottery winnings and is venting her spleen at you, my magnificent readers? Gosh, I hope not – she sounds like such a nice lady.


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Greenwich Time discovers the Lacoff lottery story

A day late and a dollar short.


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More on those Lotto winners

Teri Buhl sends along this story from the Daily Mail in which Greenwich realtor Tom Gladstone is quoted as saying that the boys didn’t really win anything and that they are merely managing the loot for a Greenwichite who was the real winner.  Well maybe. The Mail also posts a picture of what it terms Gregg Skidmore’s “sprawling mansion” – the last I heard of Mr. Skidmore, he was a young, aspiring Olympic sailor trying to scrape up donations to finance his quest (by all accounts he is a great sailor, but didn’t make the team, which is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of). Maybe he got rich in the past decade, maybe it’s a picture of his father’s house, maybe it’s not ‘sprawling” or maybe the Mail got the wrong house. I don’t know the answer. Tom Gladstone, on the other hand, is a known quantity and if he says that the money belongs to someone else, I believe him.


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Uh oh, touched a nerve up there on Beacon Hill

The two "Beacon Hill Greenwich" buyers?

My comments regarding the Lotto winners Lacoff and Skidmore’s failed condo project on Sound View Drive elicited a rather zingy reply from either the builders, the listing agent or a buyer who has seen his “investment” disappear into the dust cloud generated by the empty land next door. Most of the rant is unfit for a family newspaper and so it, and its writer, have been consigned to the spam folder, but this part’s fun:

First of all…get your facts straight.. I’ve been watching Beacon Hill from the beginning and I think the developers have done a great job there. Beacon Hill has been slowly selling units and I’ve been tempted to make an offer. Stop making your miserable life problems everybody else’s and go out there and make an honest buck for once. You never have anything positive to say.  Miserable people like you is [sic] why our world is the way it is!

“Slowly” is the word; exactly two units were sold here, one by the listing agent, Katherine Clauss and the other by Christopher Finlay. No comment. Both sales, for around $3 million, occurred in 2009. There have been no sales since.

So two sales, a ton of unsold units and a second phase that has never broken ground and almost certainly won’t in my lifetime. If the pissed off reader really is “tempted to make an offer’, then now’s her chance. I’d start by offering $500,000 but her valuation may be lower.


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Curiouser and curiouser

Teri Buhl alerts me that our newest Connecticut Lottery winner Brandon Lacoff is not only the failure behind Greenwich’s Beacon Hill, he’s now involved in resurrecting a failed Norwalk development. Want to see a picture of that project? Well here you go. Say, wait a minute, that’s a picture of Beacon Hill! Guess they couldn’t afford a new picture, or they just believe in recycling.

And here’s another curious thing: the winning ticket was sold November 2nd yet no one stepped forward to claim his winnings until yesterday. Although Fudrucker would never admit it, the Lottery Commission ran a bogus billboard campaign asking the winner to appear. When Mssrs. Lacoff et als did show up yesterday they did so accompanied by a lawyer from Long Island who “represented” the boys at the Lottery’s press conference by repeating “no comment, no comment, no comment” all afternoon. Is it possible that the attorney’s vocabulary has shrunk after decades spent representing low-level Mafiosi? Who knows? And who knows if the reason for the lengthy delay in claiming the prize was due to a desire to shield those big bucks from the grasping claws of rapacious creditors? I sure don’t and asked about it by Scuzie, FWIW’s top investigative reporter, Lacoff said this: “no comment”.

UPDATE: Teri points out that Madoff’s Lacoff’s winnings were deposited into a “family trust”. What’s that about, do you suppose?


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