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I keep saying, this is when the revolution will start

The incandescent bulb is dead. I’ve been predicting this revolution for at least three years (search this blog for “CFLs”) but I’m telling you, when the average American discovers that he can no longer buy a light bulb that works, he’s going to discover exactly how far his government has intruded into his life and will go apeshit. The 15% ethanol requirement that ruins his lawnmower’s engine will just be icing on the cake.


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Incandescent bulbs may survive after all

Faced with an energy – efficiency standard mandated by Congress in 2007, incandescent bulbs were expected to give way to compact fluorescent bulbs beginning in 2012. But hold on, scientists are coming up with ways to comply with the new rules, which is good, because consumers hate cfls and with good reason. This development is being hailed as a triumph of the idea that Congress passes a law and inventors will perform on order and I suppose it is, if you don’t mind paying five dollars for what used to be a twenty-five cents bulb.

One twist: years ago we real estate lawyers used to laugh at the despicable sellers who removed all the lightbulbs from the house the day of closing (the same type took toilet paper and paper towels, too). But if bulbs are going to approach the price of gold, I can see the day that our standard contract will have to provide for who gets them, buyer or seller.

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