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The name’s gotta go

Hey, I'm not 12 anymore and I missed it. So sue me!

I just heard that Fox has started a newspaper exclusively designed for and available only on the iPad. That’s fine; they’re going with the times, so to speak, but Fox has named its new product “the Daily”.  Oh come on, the right name is so obvious any adolescent boy would have figured it out: “The I.P. Daily”.

They must have girls running the show over there.

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Riverside’s Chase Carey to succeed Murdoch?

So says Murdoch – son James has blown his succession.

(hat tip, Cobra)


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I stand ready to reveal the dirt on Chase Carey

Reader Shoeless sends along this Bloomberg link that suggests Chase Carey may be named CEO of the Murdoch empire. I assume that, based on my childhood friendship with him I’ll be inundated with requests for interviews (okay, that would be my idea of a joke) but just to cut that short, here’s all the bad things I know about Chase, from 3- 12 years old – after that, hey, he’s on his own; I wasn’t watching. But as a kid, Chase would find chewing gum on the street and pop it in his mouth and chew it. No kidding. Does that disqualify him from heading up a major corporation? Probably not – he seems healthy enough today, from what I can see, but there you have it: my entire scandal sheet on Mr. Carey.

UPDATE: By the way, did you know that there’s a stretch on the Allagash River called the Chase Carey Rapids? True  fact, even if I can’t find it on Google (so they aren’t infallible). Not named after my friend, I wouldn’t think, because I navigated them when I was 12 and Chase hadn’t quite made a name for himself by then. But someone with the same name must have done something notable there – drowned?


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Chase Carey

I don’t mean to give the impression that Chase and I are still in regular contact. He was my very closest friend when we were kids and then he moved away and the last time I spoke with him, after a hiatus of maybe 25 years, was back in the late 90’s, when I asked his permission to name a character in one of my novels after him (permission granted). That said, it’s still fun to see someone I spent almost every day of my life with many years ago do well. Reader Petitit sent along this Hollywood Reporter article and of course I found it fascinating.

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Riverside’s (and Fox’s) Chase Carey: thanks for the PR, Obama

Chase doesn’t sound as contrite as the White House would like him to be.

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Come back, Chase!

I'm too good for Summit Road!

I'm too good for Summit Road!

I’ve written before about my childhood friend, Chase Carey, and pointed out that he’d done okay for himself despite growing up in a modest home on Summit with (gasp) just one bathroom he shared with his parents and brother Doug and (Meg? His sister, anyway). Now comes news that he may make $43 million this year – Chase, it’s time to ditch LA and return to your roots. I’ve got a couple of houses you might like, all with at least two full baths. Call me – we’ll do lunch. I want you to meet my friend Walt, too, ’cause he’s got some ideas that’ll blow your socks off.

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