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No enemies on the left – no decency, either

Filthy old man David Letterman got big laughs the other night joking about 14-year-old Willow Palin’s being raped and calling Sarah Palin herself a slut. Hoo hoo hoo. There was a time when joking about the rape of a little girl was considered  bad taste. There was even a time, believe it or not, when referring to a woman as a slut was thought the mark of a low class brute. Some even felt that a man who made such remarks was a woman hater and should be scorned. But that time was before the left learned to hate the Republicans and now, just so long as the target is the daughter of a Republican, jokes away! The Gawker applauds – otherwise, so far as I can tell, the mainstream media has nothing to say about Letterman, nothing at all. But of course, it’s Bush’s fault! Remember that awful boyfriend who slapped Jenny around in Forest Gump and then explained away his anger by saying “it’s this goddamned war”? Same thing here. Poor David was pushed over the edge by Iraq and isn’t to blame for finding little girls a fine source of amusement.

UPDATE: Perhaps the New York Times remembers, dimly, when little girls weren’t the appropriate subject for rape jokes. At least, here’s their sanitized version of Letterman’s opening. No little girls or sluts here!


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