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Chris “I will never become a lobbysist” Dodd’s new salary as a lobbyist

$1.5 million per year. If that keeps him out of Connecticut and off the Senate floor I supposed it’s worth it.


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More Teri Buhl

Just because I like her (I’ve never met her actually – Teri, can we have coffee?)  doesn’t mean I’m her flack, but this woman is going to make Greenwich Time a must read for anyone interested in the financial world’s Greenwich roots. Check out her blog today on who lost their money when Dodd quit. Great stuff.


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Who is Bruce Rose and Carrington Capital?

Word that this guy and his Greenwich hedge fund are pals of Chris Dodd made me curious to learn more about them. No friends other that Dodd, it would seem, but then, Dodd’has always been willing to be your friend as long as your mommy pays  him to do so.

Seeking Alpha has bad things to say.

ZeroHedge says they’re liquidating

One group is suing them for racketeering

While the state of Ohio is just plain old suing them.

This all sounds like trouble so it’s no surprise that Bruce Rose would want the help of the Chairman of the Banking Committee. I’ll bet Dodd doesn’t come cheap in emergencies like this but obviously it was money well spent. Odd thing about Rose: he’s shown as the owner of 22 Carrington Drive (there’s a coincidence) but it’s either raw land or he’s content to live in a squatter’s shack. The total value is assessed at just $1.5 million and all but $50,000 of that is land. So where does Dodd’s constituent and benefactor actually live?


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Chris Dodd has prostate cancer

I wish him well. Fortunately, this seems to be one of the cancers medicine has gotten the better of and he should be fine. He says it won’t stop him from running for reelection and judging from the experience of friends of mine who’ve had this disease, it shouldn’t. Naturally, I hope that a Republican prevents him from serving another term, but that’s a different matter.


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Draining the moral swamp that is D.C.

Democrats refuse to issue subpoenas that would reveal Friends of Angelo in their ranks. The Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee says he’s “too busy” for such nonsense and he’s right; these poor folks are just snowed under with investigating Roger Clemons and his possible use of steroids years ago.

Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

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Why not send Dodd and Frank on a fact finding tour of the Philippines?

Repentant sinners crucified in our former colony.

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Chris Dodd’s already offered a government limo

Owner of Irish land overlooking Ring of Kerry offers to swap for a luxury car. Word is that Dodd’s offered a limo with a government-paid driver, but Teddy Kennedy’s also in the running with a certain Oldsmobile Delmont 88 that has it’s own historical significance. Tough choice, especially if the Kerry himself tosses his mountain bike into the race.

(hat tip: Himself2Thou)

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