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Be there or be square

The blessing of the clams

Who needs a Port Chester fish restaurant when you can catch your own?

Tomorrow, Saturday, 11:30 at Tod’s Point (Greenwich Point, if you insist) at the Old Greenwich Boat Club (they upgraded to “Yacht” club recently, but don’t let that scare you away) you can learn to clam, for free. Bring rubber boots. Have a rake or  pitch fork?  Bring them too, but there will be some to borrow. All free, (did I mention free? I haven’t checked, but I’m almost positive you won’t even need a beach card) and you’ll learn where to dig for those huge giant clams that capture Polynesian divers. Or not.

Got a kid who doesn’t want to play third string soccer? Bring that child along, and introduce him or her to the fierce independence of the non-conformist. Best thing you’ll ever do as a parent, maybe, but I should warn you: I dug for clams in my youth and you can see how that turned out.

Oysters and mussels too! Yum yum.


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