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Some very respectable contracts were reported today, including 54 Byram Drive in Belle Haven, asking $17.9 million. This is a 1915 house which could either stand a stem to stern re-do or a close encounter with a DC-10 (bulldozer, not the jet) but it’s 4 acres, with a stretch if okay waterfront. Even reduced from $23 million, it’s still a lot of bucks.

So too is 11 Nawthorne in Old Greenwich, asking $6.195. Old Greenwich continues to attract.

And in Milbrook, 282 Overlook has also found a buyer – last asking price was $2.750.

All three of these contracts are a little surprising to me especially if, as I suspect is the case, they go for close to their asking prices. Guess those bonuses are coming in after all.


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