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Just for Cos Cobber

I have to head off to get the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner (Chinese take-out, unless I get ambitious between here and Food Mart) but I’ll be back to check on today’s limited real estate activity. In the meantime, here’s a picture for Cos Cobber, just to keep him entertained:

Cos Cob garage


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What do you do with a project no one wants?

340 Valley Rd

340 Valley Rd

The developer who put up ten condominium units at 340 Valley Rd in Cos Cob probably thought he’d achieved a coup when he fought the town and forced them to permit such a large development. That was the last thing he won, though. The units have been completed since 2007 yet only two have sold: #3, for $2.3 million in July, 2008 and #5, for $2.360 in January, 09. Unit 8 rented a year ago April for the astonishing rent of $11,000 per month but that may have terminated by now. In any event, at least seven of these sit empty. Sp how do you sell them? They’re perfectly nice free-standing houses which should appeal to weekenders and empty-nesters, but I can’t even begin to give price guidance on these. They obviously aren’t worth their asking price but what is the value of one unit in a faltering complex? The only advice I can give is to wait for the foreclosure, if there ever is one, and buy then after several others have  sold.

In all this time the developer has barely budged the price – down about $200,000, with most units once priced at $2.1 million and now asking $1.9 million. The developer could just be obstinate and well-funded enough to wait a decade until he gets his price but more likely is his lender being shortsighted and refusing to adjust the “release price” – the dollar amount that must be paid before a lender releases a particular unit from its lien. Whoever is the stubborn one here, it’s killing all possibility of sales. Clearly, the original pricing for these has failed, and they won’t sell until they come down: I’m guessing $1.3, but that could be way too pessimistic. Or not, but unless a significant price cut is taken, these aren’t going anywhere. And I’m sure that makes the buyers of #3 and 5 delirious with joy. I wonder if they’ve asked their agent yet what exactly it was about these units that caused her to recommend them in the first place?


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Condo sale

Here’s a snapshot of the Greenwich condo market from 2003 til now, at least for this two-bedroom unit at 15 Palmer Street in Cos Cob. It sold for $350,000 in August ’03, sold again four months later (those were the days) for $545,000, down just a hair from its asking price of $548,000. It came back on in April 2007 asking $695,000 and finally sold last Friday, almost two years later, for $575,000. So what went up, went down. Will the next sale be $350,000? I hope not.

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Condos on Valley Road

340 Valley Road is a project of 10 units built in 2007. They’re nice enough, but they aren’t doing so well. One, unit 3, sold for $2.3 million back in July – the buyer must be feeling lonely by now because with the exception of Unit 8 which has been rented, he has no neighbors. I can only sympathise with that buyer – it is no doubt a crummy feeling to look around and realize that, probably unwittingly, you’ve become a pioneer. I hope his contract had a price protection clause because otherwise, unless this developer is remarkably well financed, I’d expect some dramatic price drops in the coming months. Nothing’s happened yet but then again, “nothing” is a broad term – these condos don’t seem to be going anywhere.

UPDATE:  The same builder put up what I thought a teriffic house on 83 Howard Road but it, too never sold. I blame that on trying to sell a house in Northeastern Greenwich, always a tough sell, on 0.5 acres in a 4 acre zone. Not even room for a pool and this was a weekend house, in my opinion. You come out to the country for the weekend, you want a pool. The asking price of $4.2 million didn’t help matters an, either. Too bad – nice house.



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